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Future Cultures Tweets – Ghost in the Shell to 2040

The Space Between The Sky

This post follows on from my first reflection on live tweeting for the first half of BCM 325 – Future Cultures and continues to look at what were my most effective observations and tweets from the second half of the semester.

Week Six –Ghost in the Shell(1995)

This tweet fed into the recurring motif of the eye that I had been tweeting about throughout the semester and also included a creative decision by the director which has proved a popular addition to previous tweets. It was by far the most popular tweet from this week, earning 8 retweets and about 3800 impressions.


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BCM 325: Future Cultures – Reflecting on Commentary Again

The Space Between The Sky

Following on from our pitch presentations and commentary for the digital artefact, we proceeded to work on out projects and then present a beta update which the class would again comment on.

If you’ve missed anything and feel like catching up, I’ve helpfully linked my original pitch, my blog commenting on the comments I made on other pitches, and my beta.

Below you will find the latest instalment, my second attempt at trying to be helpful in the comments section.

It’s Cinema

Dayle’s Beta was the first presentation I looked at for BCM325 Future Cultures and was one I felt I might have something helpful to say. After enjoying the cinematography in the films we were watching for class and running into a few problems with her original idea, Dayle changed her Digital Artefact. Taking inspiration from the focus in week four, this DA is now comparing…

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BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Beta

The Space Between The Sky

It’s been a few weeks since I first pitched my Digital Artefact idea for BCM325 Future Cultures. As I have been working on it and have received feedback, the project has changed a little. Previously, Josh Sorensen and I planned to write and produce a podcast set about 30 – 40 years in the future about two isolated individuals, who having missed the apocalypse, find each over radio and try to discover what happened. The difficulties of producing this podcast with the lockdown and remote learning have proven to be substantial. Combined with a suggestion from some feedback that I blog about the writing process, both Josh and I have shifted our focus primarily to writing.

My plan for this project now is to focus on writing:

  • working towards completing the scripts and have some posted online,
  • Producing a few short blogs on the writing process, and
  • Working on some…

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Future Cultures Tweets – Metropolis to Minority Report

The Space Between The Sky

Social media is often criticised for promoting a sort of ‘speak-before-you-think’ mentality. Regardless of your opinion of this statement, it is always good practice to examine the work you have produced, including social media posts. This is especially true when those social media posts (in this case, tweets), are produced in an academic or professional environment. So let’s take a look at some of the highlights of my first few weeks of live tweeting the films I have been watching for BCM 325: Future Cultures.

Week One – Metropolis (1927)

Having not tweeted during class for a long time, starting with a film I had seen before (albeit a while ago), was a nice way to begin the semester. Amongst the tweets I prepared beforehand was my personal favourite for the week, and coincidently, the tweet that performed best when looking at the analytics of that week.

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BCM 325: Future Cultures – Reflecting on Commentary

The Space Between The Sky

Previously, I posted my online Digital Artefact Pitch for BCM 325: Future Cultures. However, the point of a pitch is to receive feedback on what others think. To help with this, a comments schedule was created so that everyone in the class could receive peer feedback on their work and also have the opportunity to give critical commentary.

For me this was an interesting experience. Whilst I am used to providing workshopping commentary in the context of creative writing, I have never had to deliver critical commentary and suggestions for a Digital Artefact in this manner. What follows, is a summary of my bumbling navigation of critical commentary on some Digital Artefacts.

Trying to be Helpful

The first pitch I looked at was a blog post series titled the ‘Future of Freelance Film Making’, by Jake Keighran. This series of three posts would explore the future of freelance…

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BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Pitch

The Space Between The Sky


Below you’ll find a video pitch for a Digital Artefact project I am completing in a subject at university called Future Cultures. This subject examines the tensions between representations of our future in popular science fiction films through the ages and our lived realities.

I have been interested in podcasting as a medium for a long time now, and I feel this idea and subject seem to fit well into the project. As both Josh and I are creative writers, it is also an opportunity for us to not only explore writing for this medium, but also get feedback outside of the writing workshops of university. And of course, to build a portfolio of work and online presence.

The premise of the podcast came to me whilst I was listening to a discussion in my documentary class about how we might make a collaborative documentary while our contact is…

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