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Thriving Twenties: Contextual essay

The original concept of the blog was to share editorial content within my Thriving Twenties blog for females in their late teens to mid twenties. It was designed to share relatable content for a specific audience.

I already have a background in copy writing but wanted to use this blog as a way to improve my skills. The easiest way to get better at copy writing is to write as much as possible, which is why the main utility of my blog is for my own personal benefit. It will also create a nice addition to my portfolio in the future. As I mentioned before i also want to supply relevant content for my viewers and work on writing for a specific audience.

I wanted to make the blog fun and unique in the way I share content. This is where the BCM subject Future Cultures comes in because I…

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BCM325 Peer DA Critical Reflection

As I come close to the final product of my own DA it was interesting to see what other students were also doing. I preferred commenting on the beta projects rather than the pitch because I was able to see how far the projects had come by watching their pitch’s first. Below are the three DAs I looked at, my comments and reflection.

Wendy Wen – Virtual and robotic pets




This is a topic I don’t have a lot of knowledge in so it was very interesting to watch your pitch and beta videos. I used to love any toy pet you could buy from dogs to little piglets, and even Furbies could fit in this category. It’s almost like it was a bit of a phase and they aren’t around that much anymore but maybe this is because we are waiting on technological improvements.


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BCM325 live tweeting evaluation #2

I might be writing this just after my last ever live tweeting session at uni but I feel like I can finally say I have gotten the hang of it! The key to this was focusing less on writing a whole heap of my own original tweets all the time but more with engaging with other students tweets through, commenting, liking and retweeting.

By seeing what other students are thinking about when watching the different movies and seeing all of the different opinions it helped me to better evaluate the movie and form my own opinions.

I think it was also helpful that there are very common themes amongst the different movies we have been watching so you are not only thinking about the movie you are watching but also comparing it to the previous ones.

I have gone through and pulled out my key tweets from the last few…

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Thriving Twenties Beta Presentation

There hasn’t been too much change in the methodology and utility of my DA for BCM325. Thriving Twenties is still aimed at women in their late teens to mid twenties and is still focused on fashion and lifestyle content. I haven’t even swayed too much from the idea of incorporating future cultures. I wanted to incorporate new technologies into my blog and I am currently doing this by working with VR. Due to time constraints I am only going to work on the one technology for the moment.

So many major tech companies are creating VR goggles so I wanted to hop onto the trend. Maybe it will become something as common as laptop or mobile phone, you never know!

After a lot of research I found the below VR platform, which seemed to be the best resource.

I would highly recommend it to someone wanting to play around…

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Critical reflection of BCM325 DA

The process for pitching our DA’s was very different to previous semesters in BCM subjects. As it was done digitally we didn’t receive feedback and thoughts straight afterwards it came later on through our marks and feedback as well as the 3 comments from BCM students.

This was a change for the better as the quality of feedback I could give and received was really helpful.

Below are the three comments that I made as well as a reflection of each comment and the whole experience.

Taani – Intersectionality


Link to post:

Hi Taani,

Like Matilda said, Instagram is a great choice of platform to use as everyone can get involved using the hashtag. User generated content can be really great and effective when trying to spread a message.

Are you planning on tracking how much engagement you get with the hashtag? And if so how are you…

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BCM325 live tweeting evaluation #1

When the words live tweeting now get mentioned in class I have become a lot more comfortable compared to a few semesters ago. I know what to expect in terms of an interrupted screening experience, and I know the real struggle of reading sub titles while tweeting and engaging with other tweets.

Now that I am in the swing of things I wanted to work on my engagement with other posts, which is much harder than first expected. It was great to see people commenting and retweeting my posts although it was a challenge to ever keep the engagement going. With so many tweets coming through I even lost track of what I had posted and what I was commenting on and so on.

I have pulled out a few key tweets, comments and retweets that help to re cap by experience, which is then followed by a self evaluation.

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Future Cultures Digital Artifact: Thriving Twenties

Thriving Twenties is a blog designed for women in their early to mid twenties. The content will cover everything from fashion and beauty trends to issues that the audience might be facing at this time in their lives.

The blog was created in a previous BCM subject last year but I have decided to keep evolving it to see how I can use futuristic technologies to evolve it. I will be looking closely into AI googles and how I can immerse them as well as other technologies into my blog. Will the traditional blog change much in the future? Can we expect all bloggers to use the technology? And most importantly, will the audience come to expect the use of these technologies in the future.

Here is the link to my Thriving Twenties blog and below it you will find my pitch:

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