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The Future of The Social Makeover Au – Contextual Report

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A lot has changed since I first started with this DA journey. One of the main changes is that I started working on the same DA idea with my classmate stella on ‘The Future of The Social Makeover Au’. To get an idea you can access stella’s pitch Here 

How we approached this DA, is through a 3 part youtube series that addresses our goals for the future:

With set roles in the business, we focused on creating a research informed plan that could lead us towards achieving our future goals. My main role in the business is in customer relations, but I would also be an all rounder. Depending on the goal a plan would be created where I created plans on how and what to schedule as social media posts, How to social media manage and how to collaborate with influencers and brands. 

One of the experiences is that scheduling and planning tasks and curating posts became a lot easier. By setting tasks weekly it became a lot easier to keep up with tasks and stay on track of each client. Using the app Planoly has also made it easier to schedule posts on Instagram. 

By premaking and setting dates for the posts, we wouldn’t have future worries about inconsistent posting. However, a limitation we came across is during client briefing calls, most clients wouldn’t allow us to post their projects onto our socials until they do so on theirs. This gave us no content to post on the main instagram page to build our online presence.

To link back to Future Cultures materials, our DA was highly influenced by Wendell Bell of Future Studies, who suggests that we need to examine patterns of the “past and present in order to anticipate the possibility and the potential of future events and trends” (Moore, 2019). Based on this we analysed the past and current performance of the business through a SWOT analysis to understand our strengths and weaknesses. This guided us in creating a plan that avoided a future where our weaknesses would have affected the business.

Considering that I changed my DA, I wasn’t able to build on feedback from a pitch. However, by messaging the tutor of the change it was recommended that stella and I approach the DA from different perspectives. As showcased in our videos, we would focus on different goals based on our roles in the business and come together to link and bounce off each other’s ideas. 

Overall, we can see high potential and significant growth to this DA. In the future, we would love to see ‘The Social Makeover Au’ to become a renowned Marketing/branding business that will have its own office space with a professional team, working with big projects and big clients. This DA has taught us to think of the big picture and to mentally/physically prepare it for its future growth into success.


Live 2 Tweet <3

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In my previous critical reflection, my main takeaways included that I struggled to link and build my tweets off of lecture materials and concepts, keeping up with tweeting and watching the movie at the same time, and engaging and creating discussions with peers. In this blog, I will demonstrate my development of improving the quality of my tweets based off feedback and from my experience from the previous critical reflection as stated above. 

Watch this video to see what I did to improve my Live Tweeting

This Critical reflection will look at my live tweets made on movie screenings from week 6 to 10 of the future cultures subject which includes:

  • Robot and Frank (2012)
  • Arrival (2016)
  • Ready Player One (2018)
  • Don’t Look up (2021) 

Robot and Frank

This Movie brought about ideas of the future predictions of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and how we imagine the future into…

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The Give and Take of Feedback

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What did I learn from engaging in the process?

I learnt that feedback is not easy to give, especially when you’re too nice. However, over my previous times giving and receiving feedback, I realised that constructive feedback is the best feedback you can receive.

One thing I learnt was that a way to give feedback is to base it off the assessment criteria. In doing so, I was able to have a guide to pinpoint what they did wrong or right. I was then able to offer guidance or ideas backed up by sources that could offer valuable information towards the improvement of their DA. For example, the main things I looked out for based on the marking criteria was:

  • If they outlined the concept, methodology and utility clearly?
  • Did they provide a variety of background research?
  • Have they made links to lecture materials?
  • Was there structure and a…

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Background Research

My Fitness plan will not be solely based on experiences but will be created based off my findings and research into muscle building, eating habits and routines etc. I’d like to go into the science behind fitness and the foods needed to take into muscle building in order to be statically and factually knowledgeable in what I am doing to my body. Below are some academic resources I’ve discovered that will assist me on creating a more realistic future plan for myself.

Bagchi, D, Nair, S & Sen, CK 2013, Nutrition and enhanced sports performance muscle building, endurance, and strength, Academic Press, London.

O’Connor, A 2018, ‘Here to Help; What to Eat to Build Muscle’, The New York times, p. A3–.

How to Build Muscle at Any Age: These techniques will help you develop muscles more effectively and efficiently’ 2019, Healthy years, vol. 16, no…

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