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BCM325 Fortune-telling Digital Artefact

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Welcome to my blog!

My DA for BCM325 consists of three blog posts about various forms of fortune-telling and future prediction and their histories. I researched the way each of the practices have been utilised by people across time and why the fortune-telling industry has been successful for so long.

My first blog post was about astrology and horoscopes, the second was about psychics and palm readings, and the third was about the meanings of dreams and interpreting tarot cards. Click on the hyperlinks to view each blog post!

The idea for my DA changed after the project pitch. I initially planned to write about the portrayal of future prediction in movies, TV shows and books. However, I found a topic I was more interested in and decided to focus on more traditional forms of fortune-telling such as astrology, palm readings and other practices. The history behind these concepts is…

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Live Tweeting Part 2

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Welcome to my second blog post on my experience of live tweeting for bcm325.

Week 6 – Ghost in Shell (1995)

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Above are some screenshots of my tweets as well as my re-tweets of posts by my classmates. Since the last live-tweeting blog post, I have focused on the lecture material and improved on linking it into my tweeting. I focused on the lecture 6 content through the tweets on futurism, transhumanism and technology.

Week 7 – The Matrix (1999)

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This week I focused on the week 7 lecture content through tweeting about cybernatics, cyberculture and artificial intelligence. I linked academic sources to my tweets which I found through the library database. The above screenshots also show some of the posts I re-tweeted.

Week 8 – Robot and Frank (2012)

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This week, I focused on the lecture content through tweeting about cyborgs and robots. I found academic articles through the…

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BCM325 Beta Commentary

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In this blog post, I will be discussing the comments I have posted on my classmates Beta presentations, the recommendations I have made and the links between lecture content and their DA videos. I have listed the comments and posted the links to each one. Below each comment I describe what I commented and explain why.

Comment #1:

Hey Isabella! I really enjoyed your Beta video, you made it very engaging. I understand how you feel about blog posts not gaining enough views. You can try promoting you blog posts through Reddit as that has proven to be very effective for you! Maybe you could get more of an audience that way. I think a podcast is also a good idea as you can also ask other people to join you in your podcasts. I agree that you should definitely keep posting on Reddit as that seems to be…

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BCM325 DA Beta

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Hello and welcome to my DA Beta! You can check out my first DA blog post here.

My Beta video:

As mentioned in the video, my digital artefact has changed since the pitch. I have chosen to write a series of blog posts on the topic of the future prediction industry and have already published the first post. My plan is to publish a second post next week and post more on Twitter in order to gain some opinions on the topic.

My next publication will be on the topic of psychics and palm readings and the ways in which this type of industry has developed over time. My third blog post will be on the topic of dreams and tarot cards. By week 13, my goal is to have at least three blog posts.

Please comment if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my DA!

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My Live Tweeting Experience

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Live tweeting for the past few weeks has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in what BCM325 is all about. This is how it all unfolded:

Week 2: The Space Odyssey

As I missed the week 1 tutorial, my live tweeting begins with The Space Odyssey. It was a rather interesting experience, as I have never viewed a movie like that one.

The film started with a long intro of monkeys, and my first tweet consisted of the first thing that came to mind:

1st Tweet

During the screening, I liked and retweeted a number of tweets which I thought made great points and included the lecture material. Below are some of the tweets I re-tweeted as well as posted myself.

Screenshot (82)Screenshot (83)

I feel that in week 2 I didn’t focus on the lecture material enough. I used popular media and quality news to share interesting information…

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BCM325 Comments Blog Post

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Welcome to my blog! In this post I will analyse my comments on three blog posts by other students studying BCM325.

My first comment:

Harrison’s idea for his DA is to create, iterate and manage Discord and gain feedback from students on digital learning through Discord. He explains his project idea and what he intends to do and how, and uses a number of sources to create important points relating to his project.

In the comment on this pitch, I noted that Harrison had quality research to support his ideas. He explained his methodology in great detail and his editing was excellent. One of the suggestions I noted was to gather feedback through Twitter polls and comments, as well as use hashtags. I explained to him how this would be effective. I also linked a page where he can find more information on Discord and its role in online…

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BCM325 Pitch

Digital Artefact Pitch

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Welcome to my BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch.

My project will include a series of blog posts reflecting the ways in which science fiction perceptions have changed over time and continue to change. I will look into various movies and research regarding the genre.

The blog posts will be promoted through Twitter to gain more readers and feedback, and start a conversation with the public.

I will publish a blog post every 1-2 weeks, with the first one starting in week 4.

Please check out the below video where I describe my project further:

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