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BCM 325 Digital Artefact contextual blog


With the advancement of technologies, artificial intelligence started to engage in our life including the workplace. Recently, some countries start to engage with AI, robots in the workplace, and industries like Japan are using some AI-powered robots to replace waiters in the cafe. Recently, we can see some of the AI used in the different workplace like the manufacturing industries using AI-powered tools to produce products. The AI-tools have been widely used by the manufacturing industries because the AI tools can improve the effectiveness and profits of the market. For example, car industries using automated arms to build cars and vehicles. It can ensure the quality and increase the speed of production, to supply enough amount of the needs. However, AI has developed different functions such as language process, machine learning, etc. Some people argue that AI can replace humans in the future, especially in the workplace. Recently, the AI…

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BCM 325 2nd live-tweeting reflection


Eventually, I finished the whole live-tweeting section, it is a fascinating and engaging activity, and gain a lot from this experience. In this blog, I am going to reflect on my second part of live-tweeting. Before I reflect on my live-tweets. Let me list some points that I mentioned in the last blog.

  1. Suggest getting better preparation such as having a detailed search before reaching the movie.
  2. All tweets need to contains visual elements (photos, GIF, etc.).
  3. My tweets need to include some articles and websites to increase the credibility.
  4. More engagement on other student’s tweets like increase the number of comments
  5. My tutor suggested me to link the lecture materials with my tweets.

Preparation of my Live-tweeting
After received some feedbacks and reflections on my first live-tweeting section, I enhanced my preparation before the movie screening. For example, I read the plot in IMDB and some reviews from other…

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BCM325 Peer commentary self-reflection


In this blog, I am going to reflect on my contribution to other’s beta blog posts. After reflecting on my first part of the commentary, I improve my comments to help my peers to have a fruitful digital artifact.

The first comment I gave to Marcella, her topic is about the future of life and how the future technology might be, she also has an idea about the future projector which powered by artificial intelligence. In the comment, I express the trend of developing a projector, like a hologram combine non-physical touch screen. To support my point, I shared a YouTube video that is about the projector is powered by AI and the feature of this product. I think that video might help her DA, to explore more possibilities of the AI projectors in the future. According to Peter Drucker, ” The best way to predict the future is…

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BCM 325 beta presentation (AI in the workplace)


“Machine will do more Tasks then humans by 2025 but Robot revolution will still create 58 million Net New Job in nxt five years” (World economic forum, 2018)

With the advancement of technologies, AI and robots are engaging in our workplace, many people agree that the robot revolution will be the disaster of our future workplace while some people think it is a new opportunity to enlarge the future workplace, including more new skills are needed and jobs are created by the Robot revolution.

“AI can be our friend”
Bill Gates 2018

As I mentioned in the video, I changed the format of my DA, the details are the following:

The first part of DA includes the background and development of AI, and how the media perceived AI in the future workplace like movies and music videos.
The second part of DA will include the current situation with AI in…

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