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BCM325 Digital Artefact Report: A Series of Video Essays on Educational Holography for Lecture attendance improvement

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As part of the Future Cultures (BCM325) subject, I have been developing a digital artefact (DA) addressing a future challenge throughout the Autumn semester. Initially inspired by the holographic counterpart singers performed in the opening ceremony of an e-sport event, my project has pivoted around holography’s potential usage in improving lecture attendance of regional campus students. Employing a 3-time scale development model, I divided my DA into 3 stages of construction, which refer to the short-term future (5-10 years), mid-term (20-30 years), and long-term (50 years)

(You can find my digital artefact presentation at the end of this post or click the embedded links if you would like to watch right away)

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Peer-Review: A Vicarious (Mutual) Learning Process in the Role of a Feedback Provider

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Throughout the Future Cultures (BCM325) subject, I have often questioned myself about the purpose of writing reflections on my role as a feedback producer of my peers’ presentations. While feedback receipt generates a critical self-reflection (Nicol et al. 2014: 102), which plays a cardinal role in the higher education independent learning environment (Nicol et al. 2014: 113), feedback provision appears to hold little reflective values. I used to ponder that feedback provision was a non-reciprocal process, which only benefited my peers’ (the receivers) performances and somehow, my tutor’s (the main feedback producer) workload share. Hence, I found commenting on my classmates’ projects time-consuming.

However, my perspective changed in this second round of peer-commenting on Oliva’s, Jessica’s and Susie’s beta presentations of digital artefacts (DA). By employing dual roles as a reader and a researcher, I felt that I could suggest further research directions, enrich my friends’ justifications for method usage…

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BCM325 Beta Presentation: Holographic Footages for A Video?

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Prior to the making of this video, I have collected feedback from a wide range of channels, including a survey, informal chats with friends, people at the MakerSpace and Unishop, as well as done a self-experiment, which you can find on my Twitter and this post. I would like to send my special thanks to my BCM325 subject coordinator – Chris Moore, and all of my friends, BCM325 classmates and other UOW students and staff for their help and support. I really appreciate their time and efforts in giving me feedback and other assistance.

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BCM325 Reflection 1: How I Have Waddled into the Uncharted Waters of Sci-fi Films and Live-Tweeting

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Live-tweeting, in particular, and the whole BCM325
subject, in general, is the uncharted waters I have long avoided venturing into
due to my quite low-tech self and aversion to sci-fi films. As multi-screens (film
screen and Twitter screen) demand high levels of divided
, I was afraid that these screens would distract me from either
enjoying the films or engaging in online discussions with my fellows. Contrary
to my initial thoughts, live-tweeting indeed compliments my watching
experience. These are evident in the below curation of my comments and
reactions during five in-class screenings of BCM325, which I regard as the milestones
of my first phase in the subject.

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BCM325 Reflection on My Feeback For Other Students’ Digital Artefact Pitches

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As part of the BCM325 subject, I was assigned to comment on three digital artifacts (DA) amid the themes of futures cultures. These refer to Nothando’s The Migrant Diaries, Zoeya’s Shit talk Saturday: the future edition, and Georgie’s The Future OF Online Content Creation. Overall, I was impressed with my friends’ innovative thinking in carrying out their projects, and I tried my best to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their pitch presentations based the criteria of the subject’s first assignment (please ignore my careless typos as I was in a rush for meeting deadlines), as well as suggested ways to improve their DA. During the process of giving feedback, I found myself spending a lot of time considering how to comment constructively. Speaking an emotive language like Vietnamese, I am aware that my choices of using words with carelessness can result in offending people. Also, in 2 out of…

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BCM325 Pitch: Using Holography in improving lecture attendance of students studying on different UOW campuses

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Thinking about technology as a university student, I often wonder how technology can maximise students’ learning experience to assist people’s studies while still complementing human communication. If the live LOL’s 2018 opening performance initiated my idea of enhancing different campuses students’ lecture attendance with holograms, my imaginary end is the Umbrella holographic meeting in Resident Evil.

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