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The Potential Futures of Social Media Video Essay Series W/ Contextual Essay



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The Potential Futures of Social Media Contextual Essay 

So I’ve stuck with my initial DA pitch idea and have successfully created this three-part video essay series, that spans just over 20 minutes so I’ll try to keep this short and let that do the speaking. I put a lot of effort into this video series, as I used over 300 links just to put it together, I strongly recommend you watch it throughout, but for now, I’ll break it down and talk about parts that I didn’t get to mention in it.

So in this series I completely go through the history of social media, to gather a deeper understanding of it, and also for reasons to inform…

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Peer-Review_’BETA-Pitch-Comments’ As1 Pt2 Bp3



Another great DA idea, so I had to share my compliments on her work, as I mentioned in the comment there was no link to direct us to her DA. This had led me without access to her work, making it a lot harder to talk about it, although she did share screen shots in her BETA presentation. 

She also states that she didn’t receive any feed-back on her prior pitch video, I let her know that I’ve experienced the same thing and that she should at least have one comment from her tutor, besides this, I also gave her advice and responded to her idea to increase the audience interactions via promptly posting

 I had given Issac another voice to reassure him that his DA is looking good, I was envious of his idea of using twitch as way to get a feedback loop, Although…

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BETA Prototype Presentation of ‘The Future Potentials of Social Media’ BCM325 AS2 PT2 By Ty Jeffrey


This Beta presentation video contains, evidence of the current functioning BETA prototype, as-well as evidence towards its public engagement. It describes the functionality of the DA, by presenting further material to look into and also by how I plan to tackle the DA’s focus in the conclusion if the video essay series.

I believe I lacked in presenting the amount of research and material used in this first part of the video series, as there was a copious amount of resources used in the making that I didn’t mention, you can find the first part to this DA here:

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Ty_Jeffrey-BCM352 Assessment Two Part One: Pitch Video Presentation

This blogpost is going to be a quick summary of the video and the digital artefact pitch, I think I took to much time not detailing the idea enough in the first half of the video, so I wanna further detail it here.

I wanna address the methodology of its creation, I’m going to compile my research and critical thoughts among the subject matter in a detailed video in hopes to acquire new trains of thought to flow on the subject. I’m keen to produce these in a video essay format, as it’s an easy way to absorb information and I’m also eager to try to create media in this format.

(Something that has been in Progress)

Connecting statistics to create this graph (Sources Below)


Popularity stats a sourced from:

(FACEBOOK STATS)–finance.html



TikTok Revenue and Usage Statistics (2020)


(Video Sources) from Pitch

FILMPAC – Royalty Free Stock Video Footage in 4K and HD – The Education Collection


Teens Use Phones Stock Video

The System is falling (ghostemane)