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Uni student, metalhead, art hobbyist, sci-fi geek, lover of horror, serial YouTube watcher, and gamer. Currently, a fourth-year studying Communication and Media, majoring in Digital and Social Media.

5 More Movies In One Blog

Utter Omnishambles

Today I will attempt to summarise five live-tweeting sessions into a succinct little blog.
I’ve had chronic headaches the past few weeks (and I have one whilst making this blog) making looking at digital screens very daunting. As such, my tweets have actually been uploaded weeks after the screenings themselves and won’t contain any direct replies.
Instead, most of my interactions are quote retweets, mixed with my original tweets.

If you’d like my list of likes and normal retweets, you can find them all documented via my Twitter page itself.


For the rest of my Blade Runner 2049 tweets, click here.


For the rest of my The Matrix tweets, click here.


For the rest of my Alita Battle Angel tweets, click here.


For the…

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BCM325 Beta Comments Reflection

Utter Omnishambles

Emma is part of Chàe, a team of three BCM girls who have been creating Chàe Magazine since 2019. They’ve chosen to make their DA about the future of Chàe as a brand. Overall, I mostly praised the decisions they’d made so far, as I’ve been following them since Chàe’s inception. My one big recommendation was to do with the monetary side of things. They talked about how they’re making merchandise to sell of Etsy so they can fund the magazine, and it turned on a lightbulb for me. Patreon is (sometimes) a great site for funding content creators, whilst giving personal engagement to fans. I suggested possible pledges, all of which are conceivable pledges I see often and have pledged to myself. I’d love to see them consider it but it’s completely up to the Chàe team.

Taylah’s DA is based around the future of film. She…

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BCM325 – A Realistic Look at Future Technologies BETA

Utter Omnishambles

In the course of putting our DA together, there have been some obstacles that we’ve had to overcome, both individually and as a team. The most salient, in my opinion, has been communication. Seeing as this is a purely online class, we’ve had to find a platform that we both can reliably use to communicate with each other. It was an important hurdle to overcome and we’ve settled on a divide-and-conquer approach, alongside check-ins, to make things move quicker.

The other main issue is that our DA is not, as Ted Mitew would say, FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny). Critical analysis is a time-consuming and broad project to take on. We’re combatting this by choosing one simple topic for each film and working with films we’re familiar with, which will cut down the amount of time we need to spend re-watching and analysing the films.

Melanie is working with class…

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Six Weeks of Movies in One Blog

Utter Omnishambles

Today I will attempt to summarise six live-tweeting sessions into a succinct little blog.
I’ll be focusing on my original tweets as well as replies and quote-retweets.
If you’d like my list of likes and normal retweets, you can find them all documented via my Twitter page itself.


In the first week, I got most of my interaction from conversation as opposed to my original tweets. Regardless, I mostly put forth facts about the movie and some social commentary on the themes.

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BCM325 – Pitch Comment Reflection

Utter Omnishambles

Tobias is going to be creating a weekly podcast about the future of everything from sports to bitcoin to society itself. His pitch was easy to grasp and the openness of his topic allowed me to easily find articles that may lay groundwork for some episodes. I feel like my contribution to his pitch was adequate seeing as it’s a socially-based DA as opposed to research-based. Giving him too many heavily academic texts would bog down what is essentially a social research project in the form of a podcast. I’m sure he did great in BCM212.

James is focusing on factory games and how the structures they depict can be implemented as manufacturing in space. I’ll be honest when I say I don’t exactly grasp the whole concept, as the pitch used a lot of jargon I’m unfamiliar with. I did my best to offer up a few…

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BCM325 – A Realistic Look at Dystopian Worlds

Utter Omnishambles

Melanie and I chose to focus on dystopian fiction because of its relevance to our world and its possible futures. Technology is ever-evolving and our society is almost chained to its progress. Our DA will allow us to explore our own ideologies about the future as well as collate the views of others.

Potential Academic Research

To add: “Dystopia as a vital peek into the future” (2013) by Hayri Dündar. Its purpose is to analyse dystopian fiction as a reflection of real life society. Dündar translates the main factors of the media he is studying and translates them into their place within our possible future society.

Production Timeline

We’ve decided to focus on a few relevant Black Mirror episodes first. M. T. Anderson’s Feed (novel, 2002) and/or Gerald N. Lund’s The Alliance (novel, 1983) both include brain-chips. The class viewing of Blade Runner makes it a perfect choice for…

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