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A little insight into how my experience with live-tweeting went in the second half of the semester:

During these weeks live-tweeting was a very up and down experince for me.. from being sick or just loosing motivation as the semester went on, and then really enjoying some of the films we watched. Alita Battle Angel would have been one of the movies I enjoyed live-tweeting the most.

I tried to utilise parts of the film and relate it to more relatable or recognisable scenes for me. Which seemed to resonate with my peers who were interacting with my tweets. Doing this made me…

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Live-Tweeting But It’s About MOVIES


The first week of live-tweeting was an interesting mission for me. I had never live-tweeted before – other than maybe The Bachelor Finale of 2020, which found the Twitter feed way more entertaining than the show itself. Trying to understand a few things during this time made me realise would need to be a bit more organised when it came to the screenings.

  1. My wifi left me having to watch the movie on a different day to screening time which is A LOT harder to do…

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Project Feedback is IMPORTANT!


My process when giving feedback to peers started with a simple list of dot points I wanted to fill in through my initial viewing and reading for their pitch. The list consisted of:

  • Name
  • Project
  • Future relation
  • Objective
  • Platform
  • Timeline

These points started with simple one-word answers and as I went through was able to elaborate further as the ‘questions’ were answered. I found this as a similar way to which I have previously conducted feedback and an effective way to take notes of things I wanted to discuss in my comments. 

For all three comments, I used the same process. Taking notes prior, allowing a reflection period to re-read and follow up on the notes – then conducting the comments. 

For Mackenzie Smith, I  discussed what his topic was and found points and areas I found really effective and easy to understand, I found his platform of choice…

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Making Future Plans…



After watching the above video it would be evident that my plan to make this social media management and content creation Instagram, as a way to help people grow, adapt and develop further in the online world. Social media is such an important and overpowering part of society today.

It has become an important part of all businesses and ensuring you are creating the right content and following the right engagement strategies to reach your target audience is important! Social media has become a great way to be able to connect with users/customers and reach a new level of communication in the business world. This is the main reason I have chosen to create this digital artefact and focus on its future initiative to help others grow along with the continuing changes of social media platforms, trends and competition. 

Below I have demonstrated my 2022 and…

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