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‘Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?’ A reflection

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

Are Robots Taking Our Jobs? A digital artefact by Vilde Haaland Axelsen 

From my first pitch, I decided that I wanted to look into how technology and robots are ‘taking over’ the world. At first, I wanted to look at robots in general and in every aspect. I soon after the feedback from my pitch that is would be too broad and that it would be more feasible if I only looked at one aspect, and therefore I chose to look into how technology has taken over our job and what it might look like in the future. Therefore, I named my DA Are Robots taking out jobs? I hoped to answer this question through my research.

I originally wanted to look into the long-term future, around 50 years from now. But when I was starting to write my Digital artefact, I soon found out that it would make more…

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Live Tweeting Is Still No Joke

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

In the last self-reflection I decided that I was going to step up my game on the live tweeting during the film screening in tutorials, and to be completely honest I still feel like I am really struggling. I simply cannot watch a movie and tweet at the same time, I probably missed at least one-third of the movies because of the tweeting. It is really weird because even though I am struggling I am enjoying it in some way.

I like being able to share my thoughts about the film while it is playing and everyone that is interacting is watching it with me. I especially like being funny or at least trying to be, by posting memes and GIFs. This meme of Will Smith from when we were watching I, robot, seemed to interest fellow students and engage them.

It got eight likes and two comments, which is…

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Beta Evaluation for creative minds

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

The last time I gave feedback I volunteered to give feedback to four people, and this time I originally only had two people, because Brooke hadn’t posted her beta presentation at the time we were giving feedback. I still ended up giving three people feedback as Chris told me to do another one instead. I found all three topics interesting and it is fun to see how many different Digital Artifacts it is possible to make based on one task. I guess it is because the task is so broad, but it is interesting to see how creative people are in this subject.

I started out by commenting on Nadia´s beta presentation. She had changed a few things from her Digital Artifact Pitch. She had listened to the feedback she had received on her last blog post and I think her new idea seemed more feasible than her original idea.

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Beta Presentation – Robots Replacing Us In Our Work

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

For my presentation pitch, I said that I wanted to look into how robots throughout history have replaced human contact in different areas. After reading the feedback from Zoeya, Abby and Emily, I realised that they all mainly gave me tips on how technology and robots have replaced humans in the workplace. Therefore I intend to only focus on jobs that have been taken over by technology, what our work might look like in 50 years, and what consequences it might have,

There are several different articles and journals on this so finding sources shouldn’t be a problem.

Here are a few of them:



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Feedback: Not As Easy As It Sounds

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

When I wrote the feedback for four of the pitches, I wanted to focus on what they could improve rather than telling them how great their idea is. I feel like constructive feedback is way more helpful than just telling someone what´s great about their projects. My comments weren´t too long because I chose to focus on what they could include in their digital artifact rather than if I liked their idea or not. I prefer getting straight to the point and not walk around the porridge (as we say in Norway). I did some research on the topics so I could include that in my comments to strengthen my feedback, but it wasn’t always as easy to find research on the different topics.

When I was commenting Elizabeth´s pitch I focused on the fact that they have chosen to use podcast as a way to share their digital artifact. Podcasts…

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At Least I´m Trying; Live Tweeting Is No Joke

Vilde Haaland Axelsen

BCM325 is the first subject that has introduced me to live tweeting; I actually didn’t even know what it was before this subject. When I realised that this was something we were supposed to do while watching a movie I thought, “how in the world will I be able to watch a movie AND tweet at the same time?” So when Chris posted a tweet saying that it´s a challenge watching a silent film while live tweeting, my heart rate went back to normal.


Turned out to be as hard as expected, but I´ve managed to do it, which I actually am (might be sad) proud of.

Throughout the weeks I have mainly focused on including research in my tweets. I have tweeted several articles about the weekly movies, and also quoted a fair few of the authors behind the articles.


Even though I manage to live tweet while watching…

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BCM325 – Project Pitch

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I intend to look into how robots and technology throughout the years have been created to replace human contact. According to an article published by BBC in 2017, 800 million jobs will by 2030 be replaced by robot automation, which makes it highly relevant. I want to look into areas where humans already have been replaced by robots and areas where we might be replaced in the future.

I am going to use Shorthand as a platform to present my DA through written pieces, photos, videos etc. There are a lot of journal articles on this topic so there are a lot of academic sources I can use for my project.