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DA project-Future non-real pets


This is my blog link to the DA project.

Conjecture of future non-real pets

Contextual Essay:


My DA project is about the conjecture of future non-real pets. And the possibility and development of combining the future of virtual pets with robot pets. The development of 5-10 years and the development after 25 years, there may be situations that may occur after about 50 years. It includes the emergence of virtual pets, electronic pet games, robot pet booms, and other related topics. I will also predict the future development of this series of products to see if they will evolve into more “real” products in the future.


I originally planned to combine blogs and videos, but I later found out that it would be a bit difficult for me to do a combination of virtual pets and real pets’ videos, so I took a lot of relevant videos and…

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Assessment Task One Part 2 -Online Tweeting Post 3


Week 8: I, Robot

The movie of the eighth week is I, Robot. The background setting of the story in 2035, many future technological elements can be seen everywhere, the subject matter is the question of whether robots and humans can live in peace, robots are widely used in human life. There are some legal and moral constraints. Robots are no longer slaves to humans, and robots with their own minds will be rebellious. The apparent deeper meaning of this film is that let us reflect on whether the social status of human beings is reasonable. Compared with a science fiction film, I think this…

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Assessment Task One Part 2-Pitch Comment Post 4


By watching the beta projects of the three students, I think this is more intuitive than the pitch. Compared to the pitch, the beta shows more detail things, and can clearly see everyone’s reflection on their own project. I think this is very good to understand the meaning of their DA project. Seeing everyone’s process will also help me to finish my project. The following three are my comments and reflections.

-Amanda Tait

Amanda’s beta project is about 3D printing to repair corals, and I think this project is very meaningful. Because the destruction of the environment and the destruction of the ecological balance have become the focus that we cannot ignore. Amanda clearly shows her 3D printing process and product display at school 3D printing room, which helps me better understand her progress. My advice for her research is that if she wants more intuitive comments, she can consult…

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BCM325-Beta Presentation


Regarding my DA project, I want to combine virtual pets and robot pets in the future 10-15 years of development. In my DA Beta, I analyzed the development and current status of virtual pets (Pokémon go), which is also written in my blog, and you can see the specific analysis in my blog:

My presentation is also discussed in conjunction with the robot pet, the link is: I post on the previous pitch. Regarding my final report, I will present and feedback in the form of a blog, and combine my Reddit discussion and online or library materials to conduct my background research.

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Assessment Task One-Online Tweeting Post 1


Although I have the experience of using Twitter (@wenwenwen81) in the last semester course, honestly, I have never sent Twitter in real time online, especially to watch movies that I have never seen before. Those movies that require subtitles, and even foreign animation films. I have to say that this is a bit difficult for me, so I will conduct a background study on the film I will watch this week before each class, so that I can better understand the content of the film.

I have to admit that online Tweeting is a very interesting thing. I can see different people’s different understandings of a certain piece. I can also find out more about the deep understanding of the film and the story behind it from the links or videos people share. I think this is a good subject online event! Of course, I also post, interact…

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Assessment Task One-Pitch Comment Post 2


In this assessment, I gave a brief comment on the three people’s DA Pitch. Everyone’s ideas and purposes are different, and the implementation methods and processes for DA are different. I found that everyone’s focus is on the impact of AI on human society in the future. This is very similar to my thoughts. I have obtained a lot of opinions and improvement methods from the spacing of everyone. I will briefly describe them below.

Desmond Cheung—Future of Communicaiton

Desmond’s focus is on future aspects of human communication. He cites some examples of current social apps and predicts problems that AI may encounter in future areas of work. But the specific problem he mentioned only mentioned three points. This is a very vague concept and I did not see the corresponding quoted article or video to prove his conjecture. I think it is inevitable that the human work…

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BCM325-Digital Artefact Pitch


This is my BCM325 Digital artifact pitch. This pitch is used primarily to predict and think about and evaluate future virtual pets and robot pets. For this digital artifact, I will use a blog to explain it in time. It will include the development of virtual technology over the years, the emergence of virtual pets, and the rise of electronic pet games. Of course, I will also predict the development of this series of products in the next 20 years, and their future possibilities. Will this product evolve into “real” rather than virtual in the future?


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