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BCM325 The future and development prospects of VR


Have you seen the Japanese anime Doraemon? Did the movies of Westworld, A Space Odyssey, and Blade Runner that we watched in the past few weeks find anything in common? These are animations and films about people and robots coexisting in the future. In these films, people have no way to get along and coexist with robots well. But it is mentioned in the green book, future studies seek to make the future better, not just preparing for the worse. Therefore, I think VR may be a future technology and future culture that will play a good part in future life.

Due to covid-19, people all over the world cannot work and study normally, nor can they go to the gym and outdoor exercise normally. This gave me a clear direction for future research, that people can perform simulation exercises at home more realistically to achieve fitness and weight…

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BCM325 Human health issues and the impact of VR fitness


Nowadays, people’s lifestyles have changed under the influence of the digital age. People use mobile phones and computers to do work, study and social every day, which lead to obesity and some diseases.

Some recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of using virtual reality systems in sports and have shown that technology can increase the number of young people engaged in sports. When people who do not pay attention to physical health problems often use mobile phones and computers, they will have negative effects such as cervical spine problems and obesity. Researchers found that if you use a phone for five hours or more a day, the risk of obesity increases by 43% (American College of Cardiology, 2019). A research published in the October 2014 issue of “Ergonomics” found that repeated or prolonged bending of the head during the use of a phone is a risk factor for…

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BCM325 VR fitness is not mature and future predictions


VR has always been an object in science fiction in the past. But in the past five years, headsets have become real objects. Although the future of VR as a means of most entertainment is still somewhat vague, the basic operations and construction have been completed. Today’s blog lets us talk about the future of VR Fitness.

In the last blog, I mentioned that virtual fitness can drive people’s enthusiasm and health. But due to the immature technology, there will be some problems when using VR fitness. Although it has the equipment and the game body, due to the lack of technology, there are some shortcomings that cannot be popularized by most consumers.

During my use of VR fitness, the following problems occurred. Unable to ensure the player’s eyesight. If you use it for a long time every day for fitness, your eyesight may decrease. Therefore, the frequency of use…

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BCM325 The future of VR fitness and medical


Project’s concept

Many future products and current technologies are conceived through science fiction. Science fiction cannot predict the future, but it can change the direction of future development[1]. The virtual reality concept of the head-mounted goggles from a short story by the writer Stanley G. Weinbaum[2]. This year I am very interested in VR fitness technology, so I chose the week10 of the course concept as the research goal. In the early stages of the concept, I only researched fitness technology as a goal. In the process of research, I found that VR fitness technology can be extended to the medical field. Therefore, the final conceptual goal is whether VR technology can become the best choice for fitness technology and treatment of medical patients in the future.


Since this research is about the future development of future culture, I used Quora(a Q&A website), to study people’s future development trends…

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BCM325 Live Tweeting self-reflection Ⅱ


From the week6 to the week11, we have watched five films about future technologies and culture. And every week, I made live tweets to watch films and interact with the classmates at the same time. In this blog, I will reflect on my tweets and the movies I watched. Then there is my self-reflection on these movies and tweets.

Week 6: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

In the week6 of the film is Blade Runner 2049. During the viewing process, my research on it is mainly reflected in the color layout of the film and the film music. This Blade Runner 2049 is largely consistent with the Blade Runner1982. However…

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BCM325 Beta comment


Comment 1: Emma

Emma’s project is a digital artifact project that can help her university club in the short-term future marketing and management. Her DA projects are related to development trends. At present, the students have not fully returned to campus life, so they need to use social media for club promotion and marketing. In the current situation, if her want to maintain a uni club, her need to have new ideas and creativity to attract online students. She has two key research questions, and I focused on the first question and put forward two suggestions to her.
I found an analytical article from the website that is useful for uni clubs’ development. First of all, through the permission of campus influencers to help them publish posters or videos to promote the purpose and philosophy of the club. Most people like to pay attention to the information of influencers to…

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BCM325 Beta


In the past few weeks, I was difficult but finally completed the three blog posts expected to be planned. Because on the issue of VR fitness in the future, although this technology is already available, it will take longer time and technical improvement to achieve real results. Therefore, I distributed my thoughts on predicting the price of VR health plans and VR fitness equipment.

In the next time, I will emphatically look for the changes that VR medical care will bring to VR fitness and the price space of VR auxiliary equipment. And add these points to the third blog post. The difficulty I faced in the next stage should be to find academic literature to support my point of view. I will continue to change some details while looking to support my point of view.

My blog post:

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BCM325 Live Tweeting self-reflection


It is great for me to watch a film about the future culture of the BCM325 topic every week. Watching, communicating, and commenting on four films about future technology and culture at the same time, but it is amazing that we are in different places. Although I learned how to make memes in last year’s course, I did not have enough time to make memes because of the rapid live tweeting and interactions. Therefore, in the process of live tweeting, in order to keep pace with classmates, I post most of the tweets in the form of text.

The day before the movie is shown every week, I will first check various materials in Chinese and English. And some view comments to ensure that I am consistent in live tweeting and watching film with everyone when I watch the next day.

My tweets

In the week1and week2 of the films…

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BCM325 Blog Part1: Peer Comments


In this blog post, I will comment on the pitch of three classmates.

First comment:

My first comment is about Lia’s pitch in the form of a vlog diary in the future. Her pitch video contains academic literature and her views on vlog, and Lia’s pitch is embodied in the form of vlog. Lia’s video thought is clear and easy to understand the themes and thoughts he wants to express. I watched the vlog she took before, and I liked her vlogs. The vlog gives people a relaxed and pleasant visual experience. But throughout the blog and video, she didn’t propose any ideas for the future. Therefore, my suggestion is to envisage that vlogger can officially become a free profession in the future. Because during the entire semester last year, my DA project was similar to her, I shared the articles I had studied before with her. This is…

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BCM325 DA Pitch about VR fitness games


During covid-19 last year, I liked watching some youtuber playing game when they are streaming. Occasionally, I saw a game anchor playing two games, beat saber and oh shape. This is the first time I know VR games officially. People can use VR glasses to get more three-dimensional and more realistic games. Even it is an untouchable game, because it is too real, the body will have real reactions such as avoidance actions. If it is a slightly more exciting game, the heart will also have greater fluctuations.

Some time ago I thought of VR games again, so I started to search whether VR can help people’s lives. It is found that there are reports that an obese player has lost a lot of weight since playing a VR fitness game. This made me become interested in VR fitness and weight loss.

And I ordered an oculus VR, which will…

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