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Tweet Tweet – She’s at it again

Tweet tweeting away. Part two of my live tweeting!

Shay's Wondering World

If you are a little confused please visit my first post on Live tweeting here.

As I continued my live tweeting journey over the last few weeks, I feel as though I wasn’t tweeting as much but I was beginning to tweet more in depth tweets, with more information. Quality over quantity if you will. The tweeting allowed for me to develop skills of abstract and unique thinking about the future. 

With the help of my peers, lecture materials and the movies we watched, tweeting continues to challenge my thoughts. One of the biggest challenges I have faced when tweeting was creating content and tweets that didn’t revolve around the movie but was focused around concepts and ideas. Trying to focus on tweeting about analysis of the future, and not movie content was something I felt I started to become better at, but I was stronger at doing this when…

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I said what I said

Yes I did say that. Time to change my DA?

Shay's Wondering World

I had the opportunity to comment and reflect on three other peoples blog posts.

Those being:

By Alex Banno


Please listen to my short explanation of the comments that I left on their blog posts.

Key Takeaways

Personally what I learn’t from all three of the Digital Artefacts (DA) above is that they are all researching something that is already apart of their life or involving their future. It’s something that doesn’t add an extra “element” to their life and their DA fits around their life. Practically all of their DA’s are achievable because of this. Personally for me I believe that I haven’t done this with my DA. I have tried to come up with something brand new and then incorporate that into my life. Although netball is a huge part of my life (spending 20+ hours on it in one…

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A little Birdie (ME) once said…

Tweet Tweet – By Shayla Carl

Shay's Wondering World

My experience of live tweeting has been a refreshing one. Initially I wasn’t sure if I would like it, however I have found that throughout the time I have live tweeted the movies it hasn’t actually felt like I have been analysing the movie. Live tweeting has enabled me to feel included in a community, while having a voice to help discuss complex thoughts and ideas.

What I have learn’t:

  • The dehumanisation represented in the movies as the future approaches. By this I mean the dehumanisation of how humans interact with Robots who have been manufactured to be like humans and have feelings. In west world you see a male be offended that a female robot has said “No” to him. Representing how in this movie humans have dehumanised the robots to make them selves feel ok about what they doing, Ie killing, or having sex with the Robots, because…

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The Future of Netball

The Future of Netball

Shay's Wondering World

Welcome to my Pitch, for my digital artefact, the Future of Netball. You may be wondering, well netball is a sport so people play it, and that’s it’s future? Well watch my video below on how I will unpack netball and how I’ll explore the game potentially changing.

While my DA is interesting there are somethings that I am concerned about. One I don’t want to ‘bite off more then I can chew’, there are potentially a lot of aspects to discussing this topic. I am aware that keeping information in bite size chunks is something that would be appealing and valuable to those who are interested in my content. Do you think there could be a way to develop my content further across more platforms? As I feel like Twitter and Blog could be limiting, but also I don’t want to post on too many platforms and lose…

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