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Hello, My name is WEI WEI. I am studying at University of Wollongong. This is a study blog of one of my subject - BCM 112. I came from China. I am happy to make friends with anyone who is kindly and friendly.



In the first eight weeks of BCM325, we watch a film every week during class time. The main theme is about the relationship between people and technology,and process and change of technologies. In these films I found one overall theme can be called as “Postmodernism”. During these screenings, we were asked to broadcast our immediate thoughts and feelings about the movie we were watching, and to comment on what the film was trying to show to the audience. In this blog, I will summarize my reflections on the eight weeks movies I have seen.

Two of the movies I watched in the last eight weeks were particularly impressive. One is the Matrix, the other is the Blade Runner (1982). Both of them are reflecting the theme of postmodernism. Postmodernism is a period in cultural history, just as romanticism was. Modern culture, modernism in the early twentieth century this was a…

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BCM325 research report


Virtual reality and the future of fact

In a previous blog post, I talked about Virtual reality (VR) and the future of fact, I have introduced VR’s basic knowledge, its device and my proposal about how to research it. Before start, I really want everyone to see a movie: Ready Player One. It shows some features of future VR, if you have seen this movie, you will really get a better understand of future VR. In this blog, I will summarize what I have learnt from other people’s research on VR. I will summarize how VR can be used in workplace, education, and medical.


Figure 1: Ready Player One screen imagine.

Virtual reality in Workplace

According to researches by Kugler (2017) and Higgins (2017), VR in workplace can be summarized as follows:

  • VR will take collaboration to another level

Collaboration is an essential part of a healthy workplace. As…

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BCM325–Virtual reality and the future of fact



Despite that virtual reality was only developed as a modern technology several decades ago, it has gained vast popularity and soon became one of the most essential technologies. The technology implements virtual scenarios that vividly resembles realistic situations, using the power of computers. Apart from its quick success and the huge demand for its application in the video gaming market, other realms of life, such as architecture, aviation, healthcare and military, are also currently taking advantage of the virtual reality technology. The developers and experts are now working to perform further in-depth development, and hoping to produce great outcomes of virtual reality, in addition to what has been successfully applied.(Tieri,2018) The 3D technology has shown a tremendous progress and still, the majority of the development is ongoing. Below, an informative description of the VR definition and device will be presented to provide the context for a proposal and the…

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