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Live Tweeting Summary 2

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Week 6 Screening: Robot and Frank (2012)

Evidence of me drawing directly on subject materials including lectures and class discussions in my tweets and further analysis.

In this week, we started another round of live streaming. From this time on, I definitely feel like I was more skilled at live-tweeting and I started…

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Blog 2: Live-Tweeting Summary 1

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Video Content (things not mentioned will be added in the blog below)

“Live tweeting is sending a series of tweets during any particular event where you are a host or participant” (Promo Republic, n.d.).

In BCM325, we have the chance to watch several science fiction movies in class. While watching the movie, we also need to tweet and study the movie text, which is really not an easy thing, considering we practice doing many things at the same time. Because this subject is about the future cultures, these movies are all about people’s imagination towards a probable future, so there are many futuristic elements in the movies. In addition to the text of the film, the interaction with classmates on Twitter during the class is also particularly interesting. In the blog below, I will show you some of my favorite tweets.

Week One Screening 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick…

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Blog 1: Pitch Comments and Critical Self Evaluation

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Comment 1 (1)

Further research links for comment 1 (2)

Some suggests about her DA making after she responded me for comment 1 (3)


Comment 2 (1)

Further research for comment 2 (2)


Comment 3 (1)

Links provided for comment 3 (2)

Reflect on subject lectures for comment 3 (3)

Above are my comments on three peers’ pitches. I am very happy that the presentations of the students I commented on are all excellent, and each has its own interesting points. Even I found similarities in their DA ideas to my pitch presentation! For example, in the second people’s pitch, I found that she is going to do a DA regarding future live music. This is such an interesting topic! My DA is also going to be relevant to the future pop-culture, which is the…

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