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Stop… Feedback time

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The beta’s I got to review were all so different from the pitches but each one was still as interesting as each other. I think I found it a little difficult to give constructive feedback as people were already in the middle of their projects and had taken on board a lot of feed back already. but nonetheless I still tried to help and make suggestions where I could.

Mary Lou
is working on her project about choosing the gender of your baby in the future. she has chosen to use a separate blog to talk about the topics that relate to this rather than her initial idea to incorporate it on her university blog. I think this was a great idea ass it provide the necessary clarity to understand and see where she is at with her project. She also has an interesting method of posting her pitch and…

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Little birdies

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Time for the second reflection on the live tweeting while viewing futuristic films.
For the second half of the live tweeting I found myself doing a little more research when I could about the themes discussed in the films and how they could trigger different thoughts and ideas in the films audience.

with the screenings of Marjorie Prime and Robot and Frank I found this really easy to do. My mother was a nurse for 25 years and specialised in dementia patients so I’ve grown up with the knowledge of what they need the most and how the disease effects them constantly around me.
often those with Dementia or memory problems as they get older need to be around family or people they know and it is very important to try and keep them in their own homes for as long as possible to prevent deterioration. My tweet discussing the…

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BCM 325 DA Pitch

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I present to you Shit talk Saturday: the future edition.
In this spin off series of the shit talk Saturday, I’ll be talking about the future. The future of our environments (natural, social and political)

Our nature environment allows us the precious earth we need to exist, how will things such as pollution, climate change, industrial farming affect what the future will look like for it?

As we grow into a generation with access to the world at our finger tips and the ability to interact with others purely through technology or even interact with artificial intelligence systems and robots, what affect will this have on the future of our social environments?

Politics. The thing everyone loves to hate. People who are elected into such positions of power to rule over us. But will they exist in the future? What changes will be made in the political environment of the…

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