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Live Tweeting Summary #2

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Week 6: Robot and Hank


My favourite retweet of this week was Chelsea’s post where she really makes you think about how much AI is actually a part of our lives. I for one would love a personal assistant robot, but this really made me second guess myself.


Alana posted a funny post that resonated with almost everyone that was watching the movie. It was a sad scene to see Hank turn off his robot who had become his friend. Shows that humans can…

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BCM325 Final Tweeting Reflection


My Live Tweeting Process

After the mid-session break taking some time to reflect on my last blog post assessment task and thinking about my live tweeting process, I have had the opportunity to create a sense of my strengths and weaknesses towards this progress. I believe that I have had strengths when I have applied myself to the process, however I do think that my weaknesses were more evident throughout this process. I think this is due to the fact that I found it hard to engage in some of the movies, however when I applied myself and tried hard to engage, I believe the content I created was adequate and informative.

My weaknesses however overshadowed the strengths of my live tweeting process. Some of the weaknesses include lack of preparation before the live screenings and live tweeting process commenced, and lack of academic materials. For 2 of the screenings…

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Live Tweeting Future Cultures Screenings

Caitlin Olsen

Quick tip: There is an option for an audio version of this recap at the bottom of this blog if you don’t feel like reading!

Welcome back to another live-tweeting summary post on my engagement with the BCM325 screenings and subject materials. This time we are exploring movies, Robot and Frank, Arrival, Alita: Battle Angel, Ready Player One and the satirical Don’t Look Up.

Now, this time round I have taken my own feedback from the last blog post to utilise better secondary research and engage further with the subject content. I have decided in order to do this I am going to shift my focus primarily to two of the movies I engaged with best during the live-tweeting. These movies are also the ones that left me perplexed and remain fixed in my mind even after the conclusion of the class. I believe this method will allow me a…

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Live Tweeting Summary no. 2

Erin Waugh

BCM325 Assessment Task 1 Part 2 Blog Post 3

The video below is the summary of my live tweeting experience for BCM325:

Throughout the semester I made leaps and bounds in developing my live tweeting skills. My tweets began as very basic facts about the films and evolved to well planned, conceptual tweets.

I am grateful for learning this new skill as I think it will help me in my career of digital marketing. Anything that puts you under pressure to think quick is always an opportunity to learn and grow.

The BCM325 live tweeting experience has rubbed off on my everyday life. I find myself thinking more critically about the world in general. When I watch movies now, my brain is diving into concepts that it wouldn’t usually. And lastly, engaging with the subject content whilst viewing films and live tweeting definitely contributed to the development of my digital…

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Live-Tweeting 2

immerse into media

For the second half of this semester, we watched and live-tweeted the movies, Robot and Frank, Arrival, Alita: Battle Angel, Ready Player One and Don’t Look Up. The Tweets for these are embedded at the bottom of this post.

Coming into the second half of this semester, I started to sort of grasp the idea of Sci Fi movies and what they were all truly about, as I started in Live Tweeting 1, I am not a fan of these types of movies. Therefore, coming into the second half of the semester I felt a little more at ease, you could say, about the watching and live-tweeting of these movies. If I am being totally honest, I actually enjoyed the movies in the second half of the semester, besides Robot and Frank. I felt as though this movie was kind of dull. It was sad to watch and I felt…

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BCM 325 – Live Tweeting Round 2

Daniel Salvato

This is the second round-up of all the movies we watched during the semester.

My Experience live-tweeting:

In my previous post, I discussed how live-tweeting was personally difficult. Specifically in presenting well thought out ideas and having them actually make sense.

But it was during the second half of the semester that I found myself actually presenting well thought out ideas while still keeping up with the movie, something I had previously struggled with. I think this naturally came with more experience composing quickfire thoughts and writing them out. Something I had previously never done.

Live Tweets:


The anthroposphere is a topic covered in a previous lecture that stuck with me and changed the way I viewed the upcoming sci-fi films and what I discussed when live-tweeting.

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Live Tweetings, Movie Screenings & Discord Meetings

Pias Communication and Media blog

My first live-tweeting reflection detailed the struggles I had relating to linking my tweets to the subject materials. Whilst reflecting I also realised that I wasn’t engaging with my classmates tweets in a meaningful way. I needed to try and converse with them more and aim to frame some of my tweets as questions. See how I did so below by clicking on the tweets to see commentary:

Week 6: Robot and Frank- Artificial Intelligence

This week we focussed on artificial intelligence and mused about how cybernetic systems have the potential to help us as much as they can also harm us. This proved to be a highly relevant topic due to the growing anxieties regarding the future of AI.

A tweet I made about Makridakis’s future prediction that robots would help eschew humanity of their mundane tasks felt relevant given the fact that, in the movie, a robot companion…

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The Final Tweet:

Ally vs the Universe

My Live Tweeting Process:

After a 2 week break from live tweeting, I was able to critically reflect on my past work to grasp my strengths and weaknesses. And let me tell you, there were quite a few weaknesses. The main ones being a lack of tweet preparation prior to the screening and a lack of academic material in my tweeting summary.

I took advice from my previous live tweeting results and decided to pre-generate tweets the night before a screening Here’s a quick podcast, describing how the process went…

Overall, I think my new and improved process of pre-planning my tweets was much more beneficial for me.

The Screenings:

Over the course of the past few weeks, the films explored topics such as: cybernetics, artificial intelligence and future cultures. Through these films, I began to draw connections between the portrayal of the future in films and connections to ourselves…

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Live Tweeting Summary 2

Always Zhuo

video-audio content

Week 6 Screening: Robot and Frank (2012)

Evidence of me drawing directly on subject materials including lectures and class discussions in my tweets and further analysis.

In this week, we started another round of live streaming. From this time on, I definitely feel like I was more skilled at live-tweeting and I started…

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Critically Reflecting on my Live Tweets

Laura Broker-Towart

This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my live-tweeting of sci-fi films in weeks 6-11. You can read my reflection on my tweets in weeks 1-5 here.

Firstly, I initially thought one of my weaknesses was that I hadn’t linked my tweets to the lectures enough. However, looking back, my tweets were influenced by the lectures more than I thought. In weeks 1-5 particularly, I felt I didn’t link to the lectures explicitly enough, so this time, in weeks 6-11, I tried to explicitly link to the lectures, as you can see from the tweets below.

Sources in Tweets:

I still think I did a good job linking the themes from the films with the ideas from the lectures, and this highlights that I have a good understanding of the lecture content. I feel I had the opposite issue to last time where I linked to the…

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