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Bianca's World

During week 6 to week 12, it was easier for me to write tweets due to the fact I gained experience from week 1 to week 5 in this course. To be fully honest, I have to say that in week 9, when we had to watch Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve, I was 100% sure it was on Netflix because 2 months ago I watched it online, but it wasn’t there anymore. So, based on the previous screening of this movie, I had written my tweets slightly delayed. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no interaction as my tweets were offbeat. However, I learned an interesting information from my classmates during that week.

One of the scenes was inspired by a real dust storm which happened in 2009 in Sydney.

Instead of using humor in my tweets like in the beginning of this class, I decided to make a deeper…

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Post 3

Bianca's World

First of all, I have to say I found out it was easier to comment peers blog than the first time I did it because I had experience gained previously. This time, I put my name next to the person’s name that I made a comment on their Beta Presentation blog. So, I made fewer mistakes.

Grace’s DA is quite interesting because it has a purpose to help small businesses in the Illawara region during the COVID-19 pandemic and even after which is useful for the future and fulfills the primary objective of the digital artefact we have to create in BCM 325. She will make such a big impact in the lives of many local people and the Australian economy via her Instagram account promoting these businesses. Coronavirus is a new disease, so there are not a lot of academic and scholar publications already written about it, so I…

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Peer Review: More Projects

Isaac's Thoughts

The betas are out! Following suit with my last peer review, now that the my project is in its beta state, this week I’ve explored some of the other projects my #BCM325 peers have been endeavouring upon. I’ve specifically engaged with and contributed to three of these, providing productive comments for each. This post will outline these comments including a brief overview of their beta presentation, a summary of the comment, and a critical self-reflection.

Comment 1 (Dayle)

Dayle’s digital artefact was one of the original projects I commented on in my last peer review. However, she has since changed the direction of her project to something more appealing to a broader audience. The concept consists of thematic screenshots of aesthetically unique scenes within future-based films. These are then uploaded to Dayle’s Instagram she has titled ‘Secluded Cinema’. In addition to these frequently uploaded images, Dayle has a

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Tweet Tweet

Learning through Experiencing

As I discussed in Part 1 of this blog post, live-tweeting was not completely new territory for me. However, that is not saying that I did not have things to learn or improve on throughout the session.

The movies that I live-tweeted over the past few weeks include:

  1. Ghost In The Shell
  2. The Matrix
  3. Robot and Frank
  4. Blade Runner (2049)
  5. Ready Player One
  6. Alita: Battle Angel

I mentioned in part one of my live-tweeting blog that I wanted to get better at engaging with other student’s tweets. Not only is live-tweeting a skill, but the ability to engage with other students is something that is very important too.

I engaged with other students by retweeting tweets that…

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BCM325 Beta Peer Commentary

steff harris


Elena’s digital artefact is a UOW Creative internship where she is running the uni’s TikTok account.

Tik Tok is a tricky platform to use, especially since it’s so new and people are still figuring out effective ways to reach their target audience.

I suggested she keep up with using Twitter to find UOW student accounts.

Additionally, I included two articles. One on the background of TikTok and it’s purpose, and the other discussing how users can now send virtual gifts over the app.


Isabella is doing her DA on the future of feminism. She did very well with incorporating her Pitch’s feedback into her project which has shown great iteration.

Rather than just finding an article for my peer review comment, I decided to search for a podcast which discusses ongoing feminism within pop culture. I also came across feminist themes in different Beyonce songs, who is…

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Responding to your work – Part Two!

Life of a Uni Student

Again, I have been given the opportunity to peer review some of my fellow students work. The task is to create a Digital Artefact about a concept, and how it will change or influence the future.

Comment 1: Cybernetic Church – Ethan Jack Crawshaw

Ethan’s Digital Artefact, Soul Revival Church Online, is an outlet where followers are still able to practice their faith within the restrains of their own home. They have set up a number of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and Youtube, to allow easy access for followers. Ethan expressed that he would see a decrease in viewership as the live-stream progressed, so I provided links to websites that explain why he is losing viewership, as well as suggest some solutions to this issue. I believe Ethan’s DA is on track, and clearly relates to how society have been forced to progress towards using…

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Peer-Review_’BETA-Pitch-Comments’ As1 Pt2 Bp3



Another great DA idea, so I had to share my compliments on her work, as I mentioned in the comment there was no link to direct us to her DA. This had led me without access to her work, making it a lot harder to talk about it, although she did share screen shots in her BETA presentation. 

She also states that she didn’t receive any feed-back on her prior pitch video, I let her know that I’ve experienced the same thing and that she should at least have one comment from her tutor, besides this, I also gave her advice and responded to her idea to increase the audience interactions via promptly posting

 I had given Issac another voice to reassure him that his DA is looking good, I was envious of his idea of using twitch as way to get a feedback loop, Although…

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