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Storytelling: Contextual report

Daisy Loomes

My blog series on the future of storytelling can be found here: (1)(2)(3)

Development of concept

Originally, I planned to undertake a more people-focused project for my Digital Artefact that would involve interviewing and working with subjects over a period of time to explore how we use language and technology to communicate. Unfortunately, the changes caused by Covid-19 meant this was no longer feasible. I continued to research language and thanks to the film portion of the BCM325 course, I became interested in storytelling and how this relates to the future.

What I have discovered through this subject is that while future studies is highly academic and utilises quantifiable data, it also leans heavily into imagining and philosophising. As obvious as it may sound, the future is a self-fulfilling prophecy; our past and what we imagine in the present directly impacts our future and how we work towards…

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Beta Comments – round two!

Mai Dang

In creating a feedback loop for my peers for their Pitch in BCM325 – Future Studies, I participated in revision for 3 betas from 3 of my classmates.

Aysha’s the Future of Fake News

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 09.55.25Aysha’s topic is extremely interesting but it can seem very broad, which is why in her Beta she tried to narrow the topic down in the future iteration of her D.A. My comment addressed quite well the aspects which she can focus on that relate directly with our lecture material, specifically the implications of A.I towards the future of news.  By providing her with some discussion questions, hopefully, this will assist Aysha with some direction in her future posts. 

I also suggested a look back to the foundational issues of Future Studies, specifically with the paradox of increasing democracy. Since fake news falls among the topic of media, surveillance, and politics, it would be worth assessing…

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Live-tweeting round 2!

Mai Dang

This blog post will be a critical reflection of my live-tweeting experience in BCM325 – Future Cultures in the second half of the semester. Our class engaged in live-tweeting sessions of 6 movie screenings including Ghost in the Shell, Robot and Frank, Blade Runner 2049, Ready Player One, Alita: Battle Angel, and 2040 in which we discuss aspects of the film relating to studies of the future.

  1. Forming a live-tweeting habit 

Learning from past experience, I have a more enjoyable time in live-tweeting this round because of the lessons I have learned from the previous screenings.

First thing first, preparations! I have found that pre-curating tweets have reduced significantly my stress during the screenings of having to meet the required quantity of tweets. Instead, I have made it a habit for myself to research the movie beforehand and its related topics to save myself some time to enjoy the screenings.

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The Future of Bodyboarding // Contextual Essay


The future of bodyboarding incorporates many factors which I am passionate about. I always strive to incorporate bodyboarding into my university assessments. Whilst creating this DA, I originally aimed for one 10 minute video, however I think that this content is genuinely useful for bodyboarders and therefore I created 3 videos and 3 interviews, covering many topics and recommendations for the future…

Contextual Essay

As stated in my pitch: “Throughout this digital artefact, I’m going to consider what the future of bodyboarding might look like through numerous predictions. I will observe the history of bodyboarding and attempt to make some predictions for the future. I will also include in-depth research of the current information on these technologies and their impact and issues.”

This is what I have done, as I have created a series of videos about the Future of bodyboarding by conducting background research, interviews and creating my…

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This is where I’ve talked about the future of education while I am still being educated

Communications according to Ben

Vancey · Future Of Education – the next 10 years

The digital artefact for BCM325 was a little strange at first and it took some serious effort and  thinking to wrap my head around the concept, looking at the possible future of a certain topic. I guess it was the first time I had a dedicated focus for the project which meant that I had to do a lot more research instead of just making something. Which in turn added to the difficulty of the project, however it made the project more relevant for the professional portfolio moving forward towards graduation. Just like the past four DA’s that I have done, the original  idea that was pitched in week 3 was investigated but ultimately changed due to the feedback that I received. From both tutors, people online. I reached out to people  on reddit through r/socialmedia the response was not…

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BCM300 Dossier – Battle of the Gods

Something About Aliah

Introduction and Overview

After researching various areas of game types and topics I find interesting, I finally developed a game prototype based around Greek Mythology. This dossier explores how I came to created the different game mechanics and elements in order to give an enjoyable game experience. I decided to design a war and conquest type board game with die and card mechanics that allow each player to be a god conquering the Greek Islands. The game involves chance of the die but also strategy in card collecting and using the cards in battle against your opponent as you attempt to claim all of Greece for your god, either Zeus, Athena, Ares or Poseidon.

Theme and Setting

In developing my game, I decided to go for a war and conquest theme, highly inspired by the 10th best selling game in history, ‘Risk’. This was a game I personally have…

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Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

Bodhi's Blog

You can view my blog here: 

You can view my video here: 

Projects concept: 

My Digital Artefact (DA) concept is to educate and inform people on my predictions about the future of photography in 5, 20 and 50 years. My DA also expands into camera technology, social media and the photographer. 


I have adapted my DA to follow Wendell Bells philosophy of the probably, preferable and possible future. I have applied these to each time slot in my research. 

I took a blog approach at the start of creating this DA. The blog is broken up into 3 sections, Social Media, Camera Technology and The Photographer. I used these three topics because they all go hand in hand with being a photographer, they all build on one another and give the reader a greater insight. 

This blog has nearly 2000 words which is a lot…

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Space Future: A Digital Artefact.

Sam Cunningham

My digital artefact’s original concept was to reach an audience and think through ways in which I could add to the conversation of the future of space travel for us as humans. However, this was too broad and passive of a goal. It was through looking into the work of futurists Ziuadiin Zardar and Michio Kaku, in particular, his book ”  The Future of humanity ” that led me to think in a broader academic sense for this digital artefact of the possibilities of the future and how they are communicated now. Ziuadiin Zardar’sexpressions of the need to think about the “unthought”. This is recognising the ignorance of not doing so and moving people’s perspectives and horizons from what is thought to the unthought and the future possibilities which is one of the key studies of the future in particular Space future.

The methods in completing this were moulded…

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BCM325 Contextual Essay – The future of hairdressing

Ashlan Rose

For my digital artefact this semester, I explored the future of hairdressing over the next 5, 10 and 25 years. My blog is available online for anyone who is interested in my topic, including but not limited to: hairdressers, BCM students, futurists, environmentalists and individuals interested in technology/future technologies. I used my personal University WordPress blog to display my research and findings through a 3 part blog series. Each blog post focused on a different time period:

Blog 1: The future of hairdressing in the next 5 years focused on technologies emerging in the hairdressing industry over the next 5 years. Some of these technologies included booking softwares using artificial intelligence, virtual reality education, hair altering apps using augmented reality. 

Blog 2: The future of hairdressing in the next 10 years focused on technologies emerging in the hairdressing industry over the next 10 years including hair analysing technologies and robotic…

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