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When My DA(s) Grow Up…

Groundhog Grant

At the beginning of the semester when it was still fresh I was tossing up what I was choosing to do my BCM325 DA on when I realised how there were two things that were steadily technology impacted aspects of my life that had been completely thrown to the wind due to the virus. My job and my gym. My original plan for my DA was actually to continue my work on my workplace’s social media and marketing aspects, which had been changing drastically since the beginning of the year. Ideally, exploring how the added demand on businesses to maintain a social media presence and what impact these expectations have on both businesses and platforms, effecting financial and reputation gains. As during this time as I had been exploring the ideas of futurists like Malcom McLuhan and the ideas that we use ‘media as extensions of ourselves’, I thought that…

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Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

Jenna Fairweather blog

For my Digital Artefact this semester in BCM325, I have been on the UOWcreative team. UOWcreative is a platform that encourages students to share any uni work they are proud of, and bring the University atmosphere to the medium of TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Futurists, or ‘futurologists’ are people that explore possibilities for the future, by analysing data from the past, and identifying current trends. I applied this futurist mindset when creating content for UOWcreative, and therefore also applied this mindset when structuring this blog post. Social media has changed the way we communicate, in so many different areas. In April of this year (2020) it was reported   that there are 3.8 billion active users of social media. With a world population of nearly 7.8 billion, this means nearly have the world’s population engage in social media. This is why it is crucial for business and Universities…

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Digital Artefact


With previous Digital Artefacts, I always started with the base of my idea being centred around The Sims. Initially, I opted for the easy decision of doing what I love in the game, which is creating houses from inspiration gathered online or in real life. For BCM 325, I wanted to try something new while still sticking to my interest of The Sims. With the DA challenge being to “consider the future in the next 5, 10, 25 or 50 years”, it got me thinking about my future career path. For many years now, I’ve wanted to pursue a career in interior design, so this is how I wanted to approach the subject’s overarching focus, by learning the skills needed in the workplace. Considering what I could make for my DA, I thought about the process of creating house floor plans. It’s something I love to do where I…

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BCM325 Fortune-telling Digital Artefact

Tijana's Blog

Welcome to my blog!

My DA for BCM325 consists of three blog posts about various forms of fortune-telling and future prediction and their histories. I researched the way each of the practices have been utilised by people across time and why the fortune-telling industry has been successful for so long.

My first blog post was about astrology and horoscopes, the second was about psychics and palm readings, and the third was about the meanings of dreams and interpreting tarot cards. Click on the hyperlinks to view each blog post!

The idea for my DA changed after the project pitch. I initially planned to write about the portrayal of future prediction in movies, TV shows and books. However, I found a topic I was more interested in and decided to focus on more traditional forms of fortune-telling such as astrology, palm readings and other practices. The history behind these concepts is…

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The Up on It Podcast Contextual Essay

The Up on It podcast was designed with the purpose of influencing the future landscape of sex in two ways. Firstly, this podcast aims to create a future where conversations around sex aren’t considered taboo, particularly from the perspectives of women and people in the LGBT community. My aim to achieve this was by creating a women-led sex podcast which would then normalise women creating conversations about sex. Secondly, the Up on It podcast also aimed to predict the future of sex tech, sexual practices and societal norms regarding sex, and discussed how these changes might impact our society.

The Up on It podcast began as a collaborative project between my friend Lizey and I as I thought if the audience was listening to two women discussing sex would encourage the normalisation of women talking about sex. I considered the first episode to be successful for a first-time podcast run by uni students and it currently has almost 70 listens combined on our two platforms. These listens have also been steadily achieved overtime, meaning that people continue to discover and find interest in the podcast. Through the discussion of teledildonics we also caught the attention of an open source sex-tech enthusiast who sends tweets through a butt plug, which will be of importance later.

Screenshot (46)Screenshot (48)

I received a lot of good feedback from the first podcast episode, mostly involving audio quality (which we were aware of) and the fact that we went on a lot of tangents and didn’t stick to the topic of sex consistently. With this feedback in mind Lizey and I attempted multiple times to record a second episode of the podcast together to no avail, and Lizey decided that it would be better if I continued this project on my own.

From this point I decided that it would be a good idea to have a new guest on most episodes of the podcast. I made this decision as normalising discussion about sex between two people is an important aspect of this podcast. I also think that getting fresh perspectives of sex in every episode will only make the podcast more enriching for myself and the viewers allowing us all to learn more. However, these podcast episodes do require a lot of research on very niche topics so I will be recording some episodes by myself where I can really geek out about sex with my audience, without having to prepare someone else with my extensive notes.

For the second episode of the podcast ‘The Future of Sex in Gaming’ I asked my friend Maccy to guest star. I thought that Maccy would be a good choice of special guest as he is an avid gamer and would also provide a gay man’s perspective which is something that I cannot do. Furthermore, the podcast hadn’t touched on a lot of LGBT sex conversation yet, and that was one of my aims.

The second episode of the podcast was only released yesterday however, I have already gained a few new followers on our twitter page. Notably, created a twitter thread sharing podcasts who discuss sex tech/teledildonics and my second podcast episode was first on the list. This in itself I feel is a great achievement, and it could potentially bring a larger audience to the podcast.

Overall, I have had many struggles and successes in producing this podcast. I feel that the change to online learning during COVID ended up inadvertently affecting the direction of the podcast a lot. I also feel that if I had produced more consistent episodes of the podcast that I genuinely might have a small audience by now. However, I am still extremely passionate and proud about this digital artefact, which is not something that I have experienced with any of my previous digital artefacts. I plan to continue this podcast as I do believe that it has potential to positively impact the way we think and feel about sex in our society. My next step is to put the podcast on platforms that will be more conveniently accessed by my audience, including SPOTIFY which is a consistent request. Please follow if you are interested in seeing the future of this project.

Episodes one and two can be found here:

UOWCreative Project Report – BCM325

Media, Stories and Thoughts

This blog post was written as part of BCM 325 – Future Cultures, as studied as part of my Digital & Social Media major at the University of Wollongong.


Over the last several months I have been working with the University of Wollongong’s Law, Humanities and Arts (LHA) Faculty’s marketing team, alongside several other students, to run the official LHA Marketing owned UOWCreative TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram channels. Some more information on this project can be found in my earlier project pitch and project beta blog posts.

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Future of Gaming DA

Chris's Blog

Throughout this semester I was tasked with creating a digital artifact that addressed the future. Having a keen interest in gaming as it is one of my hobbies, I pursued that topic. I thought about ways to present the discussion and research involved in my digital artifact, and i found that a podcast was what worked best for me. In a previous digital artifact I had created a podcast called Comino and Cuffy. I decided to continue that podcast for this DA.

I firstly however ran into a problem with continuing the DA as I had forgot my login details for the soundcloud account. This put me in a put of a predicament as I wasn’t sure if I should start another soundcloud account. I decided to create a new one and leave the old episodes on the old account. With that being said here is the digital artifact…

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Digital Artefact and Contextual Essay


My original concept for my BCM325 digital artefact was to look specifically how technology was going to impact athletes and sporting fans 5, 10, 25, and 50 years into the future. My intentions were to create a dedicated YouTube channel and upload three videos, each around 5-10 minutes in length focussing on one aspect of future technology in sports, whether that be in regard to fans, athletes, or another aspect. I also planned to use a previous digital artefact to help promote traffic to the YouTube channel.


My digital artefact was ideated a lot since the initial pitch, through feedback from my tutor and peers, as well as out of necessity. The initial stages of my DA were slow, and I struggled to maintain the timeline outlined in my pitch.

  1. I created the initial YouTube channel ‘Sports Future’ and began to research into the topic of future stadium…

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D.A – Contextual Essay

Artificial Intelligence in the home


‘The Future Of AI in the home’ is a three part YouTube series which explores where AI has been and where it may possibly go in the next 5 to 10 years. AI is an area of the future that will only continue to develop as technology grows at a forever rapid pace. My aim of this series was to look at the the past, current and future of AI as well as cover the BCM325 question, of where AI would be in the next 5, 10, 20 or 50 years. It was important for myself to be sure to cover all these area, so that I myself could understand AI as well as my audience.

For my DA I made the decision to try something new and make a video series. This video series was created on iMovie and posted onto YouTube. I found this decision challenging at first as I was in over my head. But by the last video it was all too easy! After the post of my first video came the peer feedback which was very supportive and uplifting. Suggestions here were to cover ‘current AI’ as well as post the transcript for each video post in the comments. After the creation of each post, I tweeted out a link to them on my University Twitter account along with the #BCM325 hashtag. My video series was originally intended to be uploaded every 2 weeks – as per my timeline posted in my DA pitch.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 11.32.58 pm

Unfortunately I was unable to stick to this timeline and it ended up being a sprint to the finish line. Despite this, throughout the semester my project remained F.I.S.T.

Fast: By gathering research early I will be able to categorise into the information into groups. This will make putting the videos together easier.
Inexpensive: By using resources from the UOW Library as well  as online news articles the project will cost $0. YouTube is also a free platform to upload content to the world.
Simple: Picking a topic I am interested in makes the project less of a ‘chore’ and more something that I want to do. By breaking to topics down into 3 sections it allows for the work load to be spread out evenly over the semester.
Tiny: My project will only be completed by myself within the timeframe that I have allocated weekly. Again, by spreading out the workload it allows for the assignment to be less stressful and difficult if left to the last minute.

Background Research:
Over the semester my project relied heavily on background research to ensure all the information in my videos was accurate. This ensured that I took the time to research each video throughly. Each video used a combination of secondary sources about artificial intelligence as well as news articles, blog posts and YouTube videos. Using a combination of sources not only helped me gain a more in depth understanding of AI itself but also what language I needed to use to be able to accurately communicate my information to my audience.

Lecture content also played a major role – especially the week 11 content titled ‘AI: Predictions and Revolutions’ This week lecture dived into topics such as what the future of AI will look like based on where we are now. The articles linked also were used throughout my series. Not everything in this weeks lecture was used in my project but it was interesting to learn about how AI is being used in various other aspects of our daily lives, not just in the home.

My DA focus was to look further into the possibilities of where AI may go based on where it is now, predictions for the future as well as how AI is perceived in popular movies. By doing this my audience is able to me exposed to the types of technology we all may see in our houses within the next 5 to 10 years as well as become familiar with what is already being used now. Choosing a topic that I had some form of interest in also made artificial intelligence an interesting field to explore. 

Unfortunately the only feedback I received from my peers. Even though the link to each video series was posted onto Twitter, nothing occurred from this. Thankfully the feedback from my peers was extremely helpful and gave me ideas to better my project in ways I had not even thought of. Having an outsiders opinion definitely steered my project in the right direction.  My first video received the most interactions, with a total of 16 views.  

Personal reflection:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 10.22.14 amAs a whole, this was an assignment that I both liked and disliked. I found it very hard this semester to find the motivation to do assessments. This is why I struggled with the time management part/ sticking to my original timeline. Hopefully next semester will be more efficient for me!