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Future Adverts and Current Banners

The term cosplay or Kosupure was first coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi around 1984 in some magazines after returning from the Los Angeles Science Fiction World con (Rahman, 2012, p. 318). The Uow Cosplay society has been operating for a much shorter time. First created back in 2015 by Emily Coleman operating under the Video Game Association at the time with about 5 to 8 members, the Cosplay Society later became an actual club in 2017 and now has around 20 to 30 active members and around 365 members of our club group page on Facebook. We have hosted countless events and even won UNILIFE’s ‘New Club of the Year’ award at the Uniclub’s awards.

My Digital artefact started to showcase my club in a documentary to break stereotypes. This changed over the time to something I am much more satisfied with, My DA has become a series of adverts I will be releasing over the next years plus keeping up on creating eye-catching and welcoming events for new members.

a lotta dumb

I have already made an advert for our location photoshoots which are new this year. My aim is to make these advertisements short and sweet, the first one sitting at around 1:30 minutes one of the comments on my beta suggested condensing the adverts to around 30 seconds, which would have been unrealistic on this one. Its eye-catching, using our noticeable yellow colour and presenting it under the UOW Cosplay Societies page helps make it look like more of a promotion than someone random promoting the club , also these videos will be pinned to the top of our Facebook group like one of the commenters suggested along with all being shown as O-week to represent our club.

Looking into the future the location photoshoot advert is paving the way for many more to come, I don’t want them to be too spammy to the page though otherwise, no one will see them. To name a few, as well as the timelines that will go with them, are:

  • Guided Workshops – one will go up in August or September after our August guided workshop but also before our next guided workshop.
  • Big Group Cosplays – a showcase and advertisement for the next group will go up in January after we complete our big group cosplay for the year, which is already in its planning stage.
  • Big Convention Group Meetups – A show case of all our group meet ups from each convention will go up sometime in November after the convention period ends.

As the Secretary my job is to book rooms for the club, sometime last year before our current social media coordinator I also started to put events up along with eye-catching backgrounds for new people so they didn’t have to open the event up to see the details.

“Almost every waking moment is either directly or indirectly spent with media. Yet when asked about it, people tend to forget most of their media use, mainly because they are concurrently exposed to multiple media at the same time” (Deuze, 2016) These act almost like Internet Banners for the society. I aim to make them fun usually using our signature yellow along with funny backgrounds or names that include puns based off the convention they are featured around.

My Digital artefact follows the FIST principle:

Fast: I have experience with video and photo editing before.

Inexpensive: I already own the video editing program and only pay around $3 a month for the photo editing program which I already rented out before this.

Simple: I’m an admin/moderator of the group page so I’m able to post as the club page.

Tiny: I was already previously doing one of these things, creating the background images for the events, now I’ve just added on the videos.

The first video advert was decently successful, around 23 people reacted to it on Facebook, right now our club doesn’t use IGTV, but it might be an interesting future endeavour. It will be interesting to continue and hopefully pass on next year since I will be leaving and will not longer be able to be Secretary.



Rahman, Osmud & Wing-sun, Liu & Hei-man Cheung, Brittany. (2012). “Cosplay”: Imaginative self and performing identity. Fashion Theory The Journal of Dress Body & Culture. 16. 317-342. 10.2752/175174112X13340749707204.

Mark Deuze (2016) Living in Media and the Future of Advertising, Journal of Advertising, 45:3, 326-333, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2016.1185983


Growth EP and the bonus track!


Contextual Essay:


Growth (Deluxe) is a musical project that mostly explores spiritual aspects of love, peace and happiness, while briefly, in a bonus song, touching on our material and philosophical relationship with technology. I want to invite the listener to grow as an individual, and inspire them to progress with meaning and be happy. By impacting one person, in consequence a ripple effect could occur for 10, 15 or 20 years. Imagine the inspiration of one human to change themselves, inspiring someone else!


The project is F.I.S.T, (fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny). It was put together by using free recording software and a relatively cheap Blue Yeti microphone. I recorded the Whole project at home so there was no paid for studio time. I did all the editing and mastering on each track. To post my songs, I used Sound cloud, a free platform for artists.



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BCM325 A1.2 Devin Winnie

I believe that my comment improved during the Beta presentations and provided more in-depth feedback to help develop the DAs. I tried to find outside research for everyone, I was only able to get it for two of the three pitches that I reviewed. I think that I could have improved my feedback if I had gone back and watched the original pitch to have a more thorough understanding of the project.



Glossy project

The evolution of your DA from blog posts to a website is a good idea. Since you are addressing the future of the magazine industry it will be interesting to observe it from where you believe the future of zine culture is. I think zeroing in on what aspects of the magazine industry you want to focus on will help you figure out how to address the issue of near vs longterm per the subject outline. I think looking at what has caused magazine to fail vs the magazine that have succeeded would be an interesting comparison.

I think it could be interesting to look at various digital forums, such as snapchat and how they have been replacing written words with videos under magazine publishers <>

Diversity, communication, and culture

This sounds like it will be a great thing for the society, and seems like you’ve created a fair bit of graphics to upgrade the page. I think would be interesting to add a blog post or two discussing what you have done and how it will benefit the society in the future even after you have graduated. You mentioned looking into the history of clubs and societies and I think that using that research and outlining how it will help you to create a future for DMS would be an interesting read. I had a hard time finding any journal articles from a quick google search so it may take some digging to find beneficial articles studying the longevity of university clubs and societies.

Overall I think your DA will be great for DMS.

3d Prnited corals:

It’s unfortunate that you were limited to the type of coral you could print, but I am interested to see your blog posts on 3D printing for coral restorations. You seem to have a good amount of research into this topic. I personally do not know much about 3D printing, but I do think the issues of coral reefs is incredibly timely.

I think the hardest part of your DA will be getting four more prints done in time, as you mentioned that 3D printing to completion can be tricky. I think including videos of your 3D prints in your blogs would be a fun way to give your readers a visual of what you are talking about.

I think it would be interesting you to look at how 3D printing is evolving, and if there is any new technology being developed in that realm that could make printing on a large scale more reliable, as well as addressing the issue of human destruction on the ocean. Will printed coral reefs solve the problems that climate change is causing in the ocean? <>

Looking forward to seeing your final DA.

Tim Dalton – Live Tweeting Blog

Well, wow, just wow. The last few weeks have been a complete blur of work, assessments and of course, live tweeting as well. Over the course of the past few weeks I have seen a number of new movies because of BCM325, and I’m so happy that I got the chance to see them. Seeing these movies in class however, I had to critically tweet about each one, discussing the underlying themes, content, setting, and a number of other different aspects each film had to offer. In this blog post I am going to be going through and analysing my most prominent tweets from each week as well as the discussions that formed between myself and my classmates. As of every week I try to find some merchandise I can post to stay within the live tweeting guidelines and at the end of the session it would have been weird if I didn’t find or post anything relating to merchandise


Week eight was the screening of IRobot, a futuristic action movie set in 2035. The movie itself poses questions about how we classify our own humanity compared to that of a machine, robot or A.I. The particular thread I am referencing has several different conversations about human traits, humanity and the ethics of putting feelings into machines and letting them evolve. We also talk about the different applications of futuristic robots, for example their use in modern wars.

Over the course of the session I have been trying to improve my live tweeting and just tweeting in general and I really think that this week shows that I have come a long way from when I first started the subject. In my live tweets I also like to become very critical of some of the aspects of the movie, for example I noticed that in a lot of the films we had watched in class had a very dystopian view that places technology right at the centre of all the problems facing mankind.

Robot and Frank

Week nine was the screening of Robot and Frank I believe this was the week we decided to go with a different film rather than what was stated in the outline. But I’m genuinely glad we screened robot and frank, it was a thought provoking and an unexpected movie. Before the class I had never heard of or seen Robot and frank, I was flying blind. The movie depicted an older gentleman that was beginning to show signs of dementia, as a result his son buys and gives him a robotic carer. The film challenged what people thought about technology and the usual themes of distrust running through similar films.

Instead the film showed the slow progression of frank completely distrusting the robot, to the robot becoming his friend and companion and even in the end not wanting to give him up to save his life. In the seminar we discussed the implications of advancing technology on daily life and how we think it will continue to advance. The robot in the movie was actually based off a japan design which as it so happens is an advancing project. For the most part the screening of robot and frank consisted of myself and my classmates discussing the different stance and approach the movie took to technology and how it impacts mankind.

Marjorie Prime

Week ten was the screening of a very emotional and yet another unexpected movie Marjorie Prime. The movie proposed the idea of having an advanced hologram of oneself after they have passed away. Obviously, you can already see that the topic of the movie created some really philosophical discussions around ethics, and other applications of the technology itself. The technology in the movie, raises concerns and questions about intellectual property and copy write laws. The holograms seen in Marjorie Prime are similar to a subscription, one person in the family subscribes and the rest of the family are able to become a hologram after they pass away. In an extensive thread we discussed the cultural backlash of such an advanced hologram. This week’s live tweeting was a very intense and philosophical debate about whether any of us would want to be a hologram. A critical look at my own tweeting this week leads to me to say that I had some extremely deep discussions surrounding the legal grey area this technology would fall under and specifically if it would result in the technology being made illegal and whether or not people would still use it regardless of whether it is legal or not.

blade Runner 2049

The most recent remake of Blade Runner was a fitting screening seeing as we watched the original in class a few weeks beforehand. In this screening the most commonly talked about aspect of the film was how it paid homage to its original but still paving its own way and creating its own legacy. My tweets for this screening mostly focused on the success and how the movie was made and received with modern audiences. However, there were some aspects of the film which were interesting, such as the depiction of very conservative and traditional views on women’s role in the household in the form of a hologram as well as a holograms ability to feel emotions. This movie sparked a lot of debates and conversations about the ethics of putting emotions into machines and holograms.

The Matrix

The final screening for this session was the matrix. I grew up loving this movie and was all too happy to watch it in class. This particular movie was interesting because it actually made us wonder, yet again, if it is possible for A.I to take over the planet. My contribution to this week’s live tweeting was through extensive threads and discussions about whether or not this world could become a reality. Another thread I was a part of during this seminar was discussing whether or not we would choose to be aware if we were in a simulation and what we would do if we were aware of such a situation. Overall throughout the session I definitely believe that I have become a little better at live tweeting and discussing the topics and ideas that these movies are presenting.


Commenting on those comments I made… (again)

Originally posted here.

Last time I completed this task I found myself relying on the word count of my comments instead of critiquing my ability to provide constructive feedback for my BCM325 classmates. By analysing projects in their BETA stages I feel as if it is easier to provide personal insight and guidance to drive projects in a positive direction as there is a prototype of some kind to work with. So let’s begin!


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 6.07.24 pmLouise’s project follows the University of Wollongong’s Cosplay Society which I was unfamiliar with up until today. She is creating a series of documentaries and advertisements in association with the society to increase engagement and awareness. These videos will contain content of behind the scenes footage at photoshoots and what the social atmosphere is like. I made a variety of recommendations to increase engagement with the social media pages the group already has so this could hopefully increase the number of members within the society. Not all my recommendations have to be implemented for this project in particular but I think the most useful may be the cross-society collaboration if music in their videos is made by the Music Society, for example, this content will be displayed by them and reach an entirely new audience. Adding a watermark with a hyperlink could also be useful to guide their viewers to their most important socials or events being hosted etc.


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 7.00.10 pmBec’s project follows the importance of women’s safety and has created an online community known as ‘Safe Space’ to encourage women to engage in conversations, invite each other out and provide general support overall. Initially, this reminded me of a Facebook group that is also Wollongong based called ‘Innovators In Heels’ which I linked for Bec to look at for some inspiration if necessary. What intrigues me about this topic the most is if the lacking anonymity may impact the contribution of women in these groups as they are directly associated with personal accounts. I highly recommend that Bec completes an anonymous survey to see if anonymity is a concern to members when discussing sensitive and/or personal issues. Another avenue that could be taken for those comfortable meeting physically could be an on-campus focus group to address safety concerns within the University itself and the greater Wollongong region. I think these recommendations could be easily implemented for this project and will encourage Bec to understand her audience further.


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 8.07.39 pmConnor’s podcast follows surfing culture which means he has a well-established audience in the Wollongong area as it is dominant across the region. I think Connor has a clear direction for his project and the content is easily accessible and easy to understand, which creates a positive experience for his audience. I highly recommend that Connor expands to the Instagram platform as surfing culture is perfectly captured and has a pleasing aesthetic for his audience to enjoy. This can be done alongside his co-host who is a videographer, the podcasts alongside pleasing visuals will enhance the content and expand his audience as it is not limited to Soundcloud. Also, the concept of virtual reality (VR) and surfing sounds really enticing and is not something I even considered to be possible and even though the exploration of this probably couldn’t be implemented in this project it could possibly be useful in a digital artefact for the future. In working with VR this also provides another opportunity to expand Connor’s audience, I’d be intrigued to see if this would interest him.

Overall, I think the feedback provided doesn’t necessarily have to be implemented for their digital artefacts right now as the submission date for the final product is closing in. However, if these digital artefacts continue throughout their studies they can be implemented for future growth. In saying this, I hope my advice is helpful and I’d love to discuss their ideas.



Cosplay Society Doco-Advert? Beta Presentation

My digital artefact has gone through some iterations and will now be featured as mainly a form of advertisement for the club. As a club we don’t really have any forms of advertisements, most of our members come after O-week and our new member email, or through finding our society on the UOW clubs page. It’s very clear that “social media advertising will continue to remain the most important platform for advertisers.” (Hague, 2018) and I want to use this to my advantage by creating small advertisements videos to work for each social media that we own and the events that we run.


Hague, S. (2018). How Technology and New Media Are Shaping the Future of Advertising. Indus Net Technologies.

The song used is Living Pulse – Midnight Train and is a free song in editing software Wondershare Filmora