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Hacktivism: An online Protest

B. Jones

As technology grows so does society and they tend to move and grow with each other. Technology can induce a social change or a problem within our culture will influence a solution. With this, concerns in society can be protested against online in a similar but quieter way.

Activism in essence is the want for a change whether that change is needed politically or needed socially. Hacktivism is no different, since we are connected to each other more than ever the prospect of demonstration against a form of injustice is now just as more likely to happen at any time and people from any where on the globe can get involved. David Gunkel states that hacktivism can be described as such.

[Hacktivism] draws on the creative use of computer technology for the purposes of facilitating online protests, performing civil disobedience in cyberspace and disrupting the flow of information by…

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