Contextual Essay BCM325

MW Social Media & Marketing


Summary of DA

When undergoing the ideation process for this digital artefact, I had to question what was truly important to me and what I was interested to see the future of. In this case, politics, and the way that society works has always been a point of interest for me. Thinking of societies around the world that currently live under a different political regime to myself made me question what these political regimes would look like in the future if they were to become global. I picked four regimes, however I ended up doing three as they were most prominent in media examples that I found. The three were Capitalism, Socialism and Communism.

Relevant Subject Concepts

In each screening shown over the course of the subject, a recurring theme was that of politics, and the power that it held over the public. Movies like Metropolis, The Matrix…

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BCM325 Contextual Essay – The Future of Social Media Marketing

Project’s concept

‘The Future Digital Marketing’ is a 4-part blog series that explores the future of digital marketing on the social media platform. As technology evolves, consumers generally rely on mobile phones and the Internet to get information. Consumer practice and behaviour have changed due to the pandemic. Companies must keep up with the market’s speed and follow and know the consumers’ demands in order to obtain popularity and recognition, as well as a leading position in the industry. Social media is a popular mobile application. Some businesses think that digital social media has a huge potential to develop their business. In this project, I aimed to look at the present and future of social media marketing and create a clear and insightful series of blog posts for business and marketers to know the future of marketing. It was important for me to know about the digital marketing field in…

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BCM325 – DA Future Of Social Media Marketing

Future of the Film Industry: Contextual Report

Taylah's Turbulence

My DA has been a rocky road full of writes, re-writes, aesthetic changes and biggest of all platform changes. I originally wanted to create a digital artefact that focused on the future of the film industry within the next 5-10 years. As cinema and film have been rapidly evolving in the past few years, I wanted to discover more and develop my own theories of what will be up and coming.

I found out somewhat early on that my original idea for the digital artefact, video essays, was going to be too much work for me to handle so I decided to create a website instead. This was my first time developing a website so had to stumble through a lot of issues before I was able to create content for the site. After I had the bare bones down, I split all the topics I wanted to address down…

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The Future of Music

Glass Of Milk

In this contextual report, I look at:

– Concept

– Methodology

– Background research

– Utility

– Overall trajectory

– Project’s success and limitations


For my digital artefact for BCM325, a subject I’m enrolled in at university, I decided to look at the future of music. This was done through a video essay series where I looked at the future of music production and the future of music consumption. I specifically looked at the innovations that have happened over time in the field and then made my predictions on what that future may look like in the next 50 years and exploring the potential, probable and preferred futures.


My digital artefact is a two-part video essay series that was recorded using a Rode NT1A microphone, Logic Pro X, audio interface and Final Cut Pro and uploaded onto YouTube. Each video creation process was lengthy as I had to…

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Elissa’s Blog

Prior to commencing communication and media subjects I had no concept about digital artifacts and what they consisted of. Today, as I write my sixth contextual essay for my digital artifacts, I am three weeks away from finishing my double degree in Communication and Media and Commerce. Digital artifacts have become one of the most pivotal learning processes throughout my studies and my Future Studies project reiterated that throughout my final semester.

DeFranzo (2021) states that feedback is valuable and an important source of information to help the creator develop ideas and execute decisions. Throughout my digital artifact I used feedback and the process of feedback loops to build on my project concept, methodology and direction. From this I created three iterations of video essays all evolving from pitch and beta feedback as well as blog interaction, Twitter interaction as well as student and audience verbal feedback.

This contextual essay…

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That’s All Folks!

Alex Fisher

The following blog posts contain:

1. Links to Pitch and Beta videos

2. A brief summary of how you approached the Future Culture DA Challenge including links to research informing the DA, such as relevant news media, background information, and academic texts, and scholarly sources

3. A brief summary of how you are drawing on relevant concepts and ideas from the subject lecture to inform your DA

4. Evidence of engagement with a public audience and social utility

5. Evidence of continual progression and refinement over the course of the semester, including a timeline of key contributions and progress

6. Conclusion detailing how the DA could evolve and change in the future. Where an artifact is developed by

Pitch Link:

Beta Link:

Summary of DA and links to sources

I wanted to approach this digital artifact with an open mind and choose a digital artifact topic that I…

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FINAL DA Report- ‘Travelling the Future’

Katie's Blog

Pitch: Beta:

Table of contents:

I will discuss my process of this semesters digital artefact; idea, method, utility, iterations, what I learnt and relative lecture content.


My project consisted of a series of short blog posts on WordPress, accompanied with short TikTok explainer videos. I decided to do the subject of travel around the idea of future transport and circumstances as travel is one of my passions and see a career involving travel in my future. The recent global pandemic has changed freedom of travel with restrictions and adaptations which interest me to explore and what reality we are in today. WordPress is a digital platform to convey engaging informational ideas with words and visuals and Tiktok as a rising popular short video social media reaching millions of users for awareness. My inspiration came from social media travel vloggers such as ‘Lexie Limitless’ experiences virtual reality travel…

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final ASSessment eva !


my BCM325 DA is a short film entitled Chaos Versailles. it is an dark absurdist piece that metaphorically depicts my mental health struggles (especially during covid).

the piece itself has gone through multiple reworkings. originally the plot was supposed to see Chaos being haunted by a shadowy figure. who would consistently be seen hiding in the background. the original script / pitch sought to have Chaos’s narrative depicted within vignette form. with each vignette respectfully being titled as an act, with each signifying Chaos losing control over her intrusive thoughts. which would’ve been illustrated by foreign voices taunting her. the film was set to confuse audiences as to whether it was all in her mind or if there was foul play at hand.

the project almost instantly faced technological issues. and the shadowy figure effect was unable to be utilised. thus, the script went through multiple rewrites. at one…

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