The Virtual Reality Rise Contextual Report

Leo's Life

As someone who has always been interested in Virtual Reality and the trajectory path that technology is on, this idea for my Digital Artefact came naturally and quite quickly in the early stages of the semester. One thing that has limited myself in this assessment is not sticking to my project timeline, I had plans to weekly blog from week 10-onwards on my development however could not even post one blog.

I shot myself in the foot by not doing this as now I only can rely on Reddit for feedback on my work. I looked at a lot of background sources when it came to my research in order to get the most professional takes possible in my video essay. These were all focused around the 4 headings in my video essay, education, surgery, fitness and e-commerce. A reference list will be provided at the conclusion of this post…

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Where Will We Be In 2070?

Amy Dunn

Climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity and the earth’s natural biodiversity, with the biggest contributor to climate change coming from humanity itself.

85% of people in Australia currently live within 50km of the coast as much of inland Australia is considered arid with harsh weather conditions and little to no access to natural resources.

However, with current predictions of rising sea levels, increased pressure from urbanisation and depletion of natural habitats, how much longer can we sustain our current living habits?

While we are already seeing the impacts of climate change in Australia it is important to think about how it will impact future generations and the ways in which they live. To better understand the future as a result of climate change it is important to at what’s already happening and to explore examples of imagined futures to better understand where and how people in Australia…

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Here’s my Final Digital Artefact

Serena's Basic Blog

When starting BCM325 this semester I wanted to try and incorporate my digital artefact from years past into this one. At first I found that rather challenging, my previous digital artefact was a makeup Instagram account. I wanted to use my previous digital artefact topic and spin it with the future topic to create a new digital artefact.

I started this process by researching how the beauty industry has changed with time and how it will continue to change within the future. I found a variety of both academic research and just other online sources. Some academic sources I found from doing research were more about past beauty trends. They also related more to theories about beauty for instance the feminist movement, which was not the direction I wanted my DA to head in.

I found that online sources fit better with my DA and helped me find the direction…

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Contextual Essay BCM 325

Life in the Fields


The concept of my BCM325 digital artefact is explore the future of the online communication, specifically addressing the use of bots on social media. The format of this project was two video essays on YouTube, exploring different ways that public opinion can be swayed through the use of bots, trolls and digital deception.

An interview by The Verge with renowned futurist Elon Musk states “We’re already a cyborg… You have a digital version of yourself, a partial version of yourself online in the form of your emails, your social media, and all the things that you do.” (Ricker, 2016). I first heard this quote after watching the filmGhost in the Shell(1995), and it led to myself asking more questions about the concept of hacking ‘cyborgs’ both today and in the near future.

I believe that the core way that cyborgs are and will be hacked within the…

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Digital Artefact: Contextual Essay


For my digital artefact, I chose to run the social media accounts for my friend’s small business, Pottery Box. This included TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.



Concept & Methodology

My DA addresses the future by following patterns shown from studies of social media platforms. Instagram’s increase in users is slowly declining, expected to grow 1% by in two years’ time. (Olson, E. J. & Daisey, K., 2020)However, TikTok’s increase is gaining each year, and at this pace it is expected to overtake Instagram. (Doyle, 2021) I wanted to set up a TikTok account for Pottery Box, to set up the business’ social media presence while TikTok is still slightly under the radar, therefore when the app becomes, as predicted, more popular than Instagram, and there is more competition, the business already has an established account and following.

My DA is focused on predictions of social media performance. In…

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TikTok For Brand Awareness: Contextual Report

Rachel Weisz

My Digital Artefact consisted of two blog posts on the utilisation of TikTok to raise brand awareness, accompanied by my own brands TikTok profile. Check it all out here:



Blog Post 1: TikTok is the Future

Blog Post 2: Let’s be real; raising your brand awareness on TikTok is hard

TikTok: @freckled.clothingco

Concept and Methodology

My DA project was a series of blogs exploring the utilisation of TikTok for marketing small businesses. This project made me really understand how brands should respond to new emerging platforms with some tips and tricks on how to utilise these platforms in the future. I was considering the future of my own brand by promoting my brand awareness online while also using my blog as a guide for other businesses who need this for their own social media marketing strategies. This is a relevant topic to me because I study digital and…

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‘This Is The End’: Digital Artefact Contextual Report


DA Access Links


My concept focused on the impact that social media is having on the film industry in terms of production and storytelling. I chose to present my DA as a blog series consisting of three posts, as this felt like the best medium to articulate my thoughts. My goal was to gather as much information as I could on social media’s recent past to gain some reasonable insight into possible futures. There isn’t a lot of published research surrounding the future of the film industry in terms of culture. I had to draw my own conclusions based on the knowledge I gained from popular media and my own understanding of the current culture on social media.


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BCM325 Digital Artefact Contextual Report!

Hussein's blog

For my BCM325 digital artefact, I decided to create a blog series of three blog posts that discuss my future goals and aspirations after graduating from the degree I am currently studying. When thinking about my future and this project, three years was the time that works best to consider my future goals and aspirations.

When looking to gather different perspectives and create engagement for my project, I utilised Twitter for this, posting tweets that relate to the idea of my blog post and gathering different perspectives and information about a specific topic that relates to my blog post.

With my project, because it was based around my future, I did realise that I was limited with the research which I could do. An element that I utilised was writing down my own future goals and aspirations. All the information I had written I would utilise in my blog posts…

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The Future of UOW Digital Media Society on TikTok: Contextual Essay

michaela shales

My digital artefact for BCM325 is a future business plan for UOWDMS on TikTok. I posted a 6 part series on my YouTube channel which included key goals and targets, industry trends, short term business plan, future industry changes, future careers and a medium term business plan. This concept is relevant because I post consistently on the TikTok page and thought it would be beneficial to set some goals and aspirations for future students.

Furthermore, the YouTube videos were about 1-3 minutes in length, so instead of posting one long video I thought it would be best to upload smaller videos so it is more engaging. In one of the videos I pointed out that “Futurists do not ignore the present” Alvin Toffler (1970). As a result, the lectures helped frame my thoughts behind the future business plan. I think we should be understanding the problems we face today to…

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