Smash the Silence – DA BETA.

Isaac Percy

Here is an update on where I am up to on my digital artefact.

I changed the idea for the project that I am working on – it is now ‘Up Close (From a Distance), a video series where I interview creatives about their art, mental health and showcase their original material, in a smaller format that can be accessed on Instagram and Facebook.

While there is still a massive workload, I believe I am now in the best position to effectively create great content to relieve some tensions during these testing times. The podcast idea was something I wanted in a smaller in person space, which was formed just before restrictions became very intense, so with this format, I will be able to produce still good quality, while being safe, responsible and accessible.

If you know any musicians, comment below or feel free to contact me directly, I would…

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critical self-reflection of comments (part 2)


BETA 1; The Future of Online Fitness

After receiving feedback and a lack of engagement, Tahlia has changed her original DA idea from content creation on TikTok to analysing the future of online fitness, specifically with group routines and training. Tahlia has been doing online workouts with her friend and researching the impact of internet technologies on the fitness community. She plans to create a Facebook group for sharing workout tips and routines.

In my comment, I shared an academic article about online fitness culture as seen on social media, and some of the negative impacts on the body image of young women it may have. I suggested that Tahlia could take this into account when branding her Facebook group, creating a fitness page for sharing routines but also uplifting other women and being a judgement-free support group for all body types. I referred Tahlia to the subject materials in…

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‘The Checks’ P.2


We are now in the Beta stage of our Digital Artefacts and once again, I’m required to contribute to my classmate’s projects. I decided to engage in the same three student projects I looked at in the pitch stage as it would allow me to comment on the development and progress made on each DA. I intend on engaging with their topic and providing feedback to create a feedback loop. I will also be sharing with them how they could improve and suggest any additional sources that are relevant to their topic.



My first comment was on Taylor’s digital artefact. Taylor has continued with her topic looking into artificial intelligence. I began my comment on a positive note, sharing what I liked about her chosen platform. I then unpacked her idea of gaining feedback by diving a little into the Reddit community and also utilising people in her…

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A 180 of a Digital Artefact


I have shifted focus for my digital artefact from the future of entertainment to the future of self, documenting my journey towards improving fitness and achieving set goals in regards to my workout regime. For my initial pitch my methodology was unclear, and a change in direction has allowed me to better plan my DA to meet the feedback from my initial idea, while also moving in a more positive direction that I have more passion for.

For this new concept, I aim to incorporate many of the lecture concepts mentioned in the pitch, reframing them to fit the new concept. The discussion around prediction and forecasting in part one of the week three lecture will still be relevant to the future focus of my digital artefact, as I look now to forecast my level of fitness in the months to come based on my advancement week to week. This…

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Commenting on Peer Project Progress – A Critical Self-reflection

The Broken Executable

This blog post offers my commentary on peer projects, and the progress that they have presented in various forms.

Sophie Leathers – The Future of Bodyboarding Just Got Beta

Sophie Leathers comment (click to enlarge)

Sophie’s project is really niche and interesting, especially to an outsider like me. While I love the beach, bodyboarding is something that I haven’t found myself looking into before. Sophie intends to look at the future of body boarding as a whole, which I pointed out opens various aspects of research and fields of thinking. Some she’s already looked at have been Weather forecasting, camera technology, coaching clinics and the future of board technology itself.

She discussed the idea of presenting all her work in a final video essay, however I argued that with suich a wide variety of information being packed into a topic, she should stretch out her research and present it in shorter forms of…

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Anything you can you we can do Beta


“Education is not the learning of facts, but teaching the mind how to think.”

Albert Einstein

There has been much frustration about the way that remote delivery of university subjects has been handled. Whether it be students who are not getting their perceived value out of their subjects, or overworked and underpaid teaching staff, everyone is exhausted. Because of this, how we learn and the methods that we have thought of as necessary to learn have come into question.

In this peculiar situation, is it enough to continue measuring learning by our ability to recall facts? Or, is it time to start teaching our minds to think like Futurists so that we are better able to adapt next time a situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic comes along?

After my experiences with remote learning, I favour the latter.

Critical Self Reflection

I must admit, after an exhausting 10 weeks and…

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My precious feedback

Generally unimpressed.

Commenting on my peers beta presentations was incredibly interesting, I was able to see what sort of progress everyone else was making on their DA’s and it helped me think about some aspects I could improve in my own DA.

Peer 1: Julia 

Julia’s DA is an exploration of cyberculture through edits she is posting on Instagram and TikTok.

My Feedback: 

  • The content being posted on TikTok (photos) isn’t suitable for the medium – you must keep McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message in mind. Try posting either short video edits or videos of yourself editing the photos instead.
  • I provided this source to help Julia understand the way the algorithm on TikTok works to help explain why photos on this platform may not be the best approach.
  • Recommendation to uses non cyberpunk images and make them cyberpunk themed through editing. By using non cyberpunk images and editing…

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