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The Past, Present and Future of the IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) stands for the connection of usually trivial material objects to the internet which can include toothbrushes, toasters, thermostats, smart watches and fridges. These sociable objects are not simply there to record the expanding human subjectivity, but to become an active participant and mediator who co-constructs social environments. The introduction of these devices into our environments is more about the use of personal augmentation, meanings it’s less about the individual devices and more about the living services that people program and connect smart devices to, however, they feel.


The representations and reality of these types of IoT technologies and their place in social and personal environments are what I am most interested in researching. These technologies ultimately modify the way in which we are connected in time and space through altering the mediums that which we engage with on the internet, other technologies and the people around us. We have seen the representations and ideas of these types of technologies communicated in the world of cinema, television and fiction in both utopian and dystopian viewpoints. These viewpoints would be interesting to look further into to see the way in which the future has been imagined in both the past and present.


Research Plan:

For this research project, I plan on looking into these topics and ideas:

  • The IoT and it’s place in social and personal environments.
  • Looking into the current technologies on the market that makes the IoT’s a reality.
  • The representations and ideas of these technologies through utopian and dystopian mediums like cinema, television and fiction. – Are we close to this viewpoint? How are these technologies being represented/sold by marketing to us now?
  • Privacy of the IoT and the way in which these sociable objects collect and store data and how it could potentially be used.
  • How are these IoT technologies being currently presented? are there fears, tensions or anxieties towards the technology and their capabilities?

I have previously dabbled in the subject of the IoT and have found that what I know about the topic is just the tip of the iceberg. Because of this, I am planning on building on my foundation of knowledge and delving more into the issues that I am interested in above. I will be doing this by finally reading the readings that were set on the topic from previous classes and finding academic and other sources that I can use to answer my questions. I have already found a number of references to use in the posts so far, including scholarly sources, some sources from news sites and podcasts discussing the issue.


DA Presentation:

I plan for my research project to come together on the WordPress platform in the form of a blog post series. I believe that blog posts would be the most useful and ideal medium for me to use for this assessment as it will allow me to express myself and the topics that I will be looking at in a way that I know will flow and make sense to a reader. The blog posts will try and answer the questions I have above while also including relevant materials like videos, podcasts, links etc.

My plan is to take the ideas and topics I have mentioned above and make them into their own posts as subtopics of my research topic on the internet of things. So, in the end, there will be multiple blog posts on my own blog that will be made for this research project which I hope will end up answering my own personal questions towards the internet of things and its place in our environments.