Live-tweeting round 2!

Mai Dang

This blog post will be a critical reflection of my live-tweeting experience in BCM325 – Future Cultures in the second half of the semester. Our class engaged in live-tweeting sessions of 6 movie screenings including Ghost in the Shell, Robot and Frank, Blade Runner 2049, Ready Player One, Alita: Battle Angel, and 2040 in which we discuss aspects of the film relating to studies of the future.

  1. Forming a live-tweeting habit 

Learning from past experience, I have a more enjoyable time in live-tweeting this round because of the lessons I have learned from the previous screenings.

First thing first, preparations! I have found that pre-curating tweets have reduced significantly my stress during the screenings of having to meet the required quantity of tweets. Instead, I have made it a habit for myself to research the movie beforehand and its related topics to save myself some time to enjoy the screenings.

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The Future of Bodyboarding // Contextual Essay


The future of bodyboarding incorporates many factors which I am passionate about. I always strive to incorporate bodyboarding into my university assessments. Whilst creating this DA, I originally aimed for one 10 minute video, however I think that this content is genuinely useful for bodyboarders and therefore I created 3 videos and 3 interviews, covering many topics and recommendations for the future…

Contextual Essay

As stated in my pitch: “Throughout this digital artefact, I’m going to consider what the future of bodyboarding might look like through numerous predictions. I will observe the history of bodyboarding and attempt to make some predictions for the future. I will also include in-depth research of the current information on these technologies and their impact and issues.”

This is what I have done, as I have created a series of videos about the Future of bodyboarding by conducting background research, interviews and creating my…

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Space Future: A Digital Artefact.

Sam Cunningham

My digital artefact’s original concept was to reach an audience and think through ways in which I could add to the conversation of the future of space travel for us as humans. However, this was too broad and passive of a goal. It was through looking into the work of futurists Ziuadiin Zardar and Michio Kaku, in particular, his book ”  The Future of humanity ” that led me to think in a broader academic sense for this digital artefact of the possibilities of the future and how they are communicated now. Ziuadiin Zardar’sexpressions of the need to think about the “unthought”. This is recognising the ignorance of not doing so and moving people’s perspectives and horizons from what is thought to the unthought and the future possibilities which is one of the key studies of the future in particular Space future.

The methods in completing this were moulded…

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BCM325 Contextual Essay – The future of hairdressing

Ashlan Rose

For my digital artefact this semester, I explored the future of hairdressing over the next 5, 10 and 25 years. My blog is available online for anyone who is interested in my topic, including but not limited to: hairdressers, BCM students, futurists, environmentalists and individuals interested in technology/future technologies. I used my personal University WordPress blog to display my research and findings through a 3 part blog series. Each blog post focused on a different time period:

Blog 1: The future of hairdressing in the next 5 years focused on technologies emerging in the hairdressing industry over the next 5 years. Some of these technologies included booking softwares using artificial intelligence, virtual reality education, hair altering apps using augmented reality. 

Blog 2: The future of hairdressing in the next 10 years focused on technologies emerging in the hairdressing industry over the next 10 years including hair analysing technologies and robotic…

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UOW Creative – Final Contextual Essay

Mai Dang

  1. Introduction – UOW Creative 

There are hundreds of students in University of Wollongong studying within creative industries, but there has not been a dedicated platform to promote and showcase the creative works and associated class environment that our students are experiencing. UOW Creative, hence, is a prototype program that engages the very student bodies to use our skills to promote the innovative works at UOW. It is an initiative run by LHA Marketing to create an anchor (searchable location) for UOW’s talent across students, academics, and researchers, which aligns directly with the creative industries. 


For the past 12 weeks, I have been involved with UOW Creative cross two platforms: Instagram and Twitter with rotating roles of content creator, analyst, and moderator. Being able to jump in between roles and platforms gave me a unique opportunity not only to develop niche skills but also to have an overall look at…

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cyberculture [digital artefact report]


My Digital Artefact — Future Neon, an artistic exploration of cyber-culture


Concept — The future from the perspective of cyber-culture and transhumanism

“Transhumanism is the belief that science and technology can allow us to transcend the limitations of human life.”
— Geraci, 2011.

Originally I intended to do a broader exploration of the future in the next 20-30 years from the perspective of cyber-culture, but recently decided to narrow my focus to transhumanism in cyberpunk/sci-fi media. Some of the ideas that I tried to convey through my digital artefact were: the relation between transhumanism and spiritual concepts/religion, where religion is defined as the “negotation of what it means to be human with respect to the superhuman and subhuman” (Geraci, 2011), the morality of artificial intelligence, immortality through transferring consciousness into machine or cloned bodies, and integrating machines into human bodies. I was inspired and informed by popular cyberpunk texts…

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Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

Jenna Fairweather blog

For my Digital Artefact this semester in BCM325, I have been on the UOWcreative team. UOWcreative is a platform that encourages students to share any uni work they are proud of, and bring the University atmosphere to the medium of TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Futurists, or ‘futurologists’ are people that explore possibilities for the future, by analysing data from the past, and identifying current trends. I applied this futurist mindset when creating content for UOWcreative, and therefore also applied this mindset when structuring this blog post. Social media has changed the way we communicate, in so many different areas. In April of this year (2020) it was reported   that there are 3.8 billion active users of social media. With a world population of nearly 7.8 billion, this means nearly have the world’s population engage in social media. This is why it is crucial for business and Universities…

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Digital Artefact


With previous Digital Artefacts, I always started with the base of my idea being centred around The Sims. Initially, I opted for the easy decision of doing what I love in the game, which is creating houses from inspiration gathered online or in real life. For BCM 325, I wanted to try something new while still sticking to my interest of The Sims. With the DA challenge being to “consider the future in the next 5, 10, 25 or 50 years”, it got me thinking about my future career path. For many years now, I’ve wanted to pursue a career in interior design, so this is how I wanted to approach the subject’s overarching focus, by learning the skills needed in the workplace. Considering what I could make for my DA, I thought about the process of creating house floor plans. It’s something I love to do where I…

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The final forecast



‘The Fashion Forecast’ is a three-part blog series that explores the future of eCommerce. It is an industry that is ever-changing, trends are constantly shifting in an attempt to shape the way that people in every corner of the globe purchase products. This makes the future of eCommerce exciting as big changes are expected to evolve in the coming years. I aimed to look at the present and future of the online retail industry and make it a clear and insightful series that readers could engage with. It was important for me to address how far we have come today with technology and the different methods that have been adopted by retailers.


My series was broken into three parts one being the present situation and two being the future predictions. These posts are located on my WordPress account under the #bcm325 and #fashionforecast hashtags. Originally I looked at creating a…

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‘The Finale’



⭑   ⭑   ⭑


My DA is an exploration of the future of fashion, specifically in relation to online shopping and how it is evolving through the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in both the near and far future. I’ve been looking into the various ways in which companies have been or will be implementing these technologies within their online shopping experiences and what the future of this looks like for the industry as a whole.

To access my video series, click here and follow the links in the post to direct you to each video.


My audience and utility have not changed in the process of developing my DA as I have stuck with my initial concept. My…

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