Wrapping up, a contextual essay

The Pink Protagonist

The future of technologies is still fluid, however, there are ways to predict where it may, or may not head, according to current trends in technological advancement. For the purposes of my own research project, I decided to mainly focus on technologies related to medical implantations for recreational use, and where I thought this technology is headed in 5, 10, 20- and 50-years’ time. While researching this I wanted to also take into consideration the ethical dilemmas that might arise with the implementation of this technology.

For my very first blog, my focus was on the entertainment industry. I did this as popular cultures such as movies and TV series are an easy way of introducing the wider population to a verity of concepts in a far less invasive manner. It is not to say that those who watch them are not somewhat frightened by the possibilities shown, but…

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Playbook for the Future- Medium Term

Mandy's Blog

Hello Sports Fans! 

Sports is likely to change in a few  categories in the next 5-10 years, including  the introduction of spectrum of reality technology and the rise of eSports in videogames. In today’s blog, I want to go over these new advancements and what the future could be with their impact.

Creating a different reality is hardly new with the creation of books to movies and now to virtual reality. Virtual reality is “use of computer technology to create a simulated environment” (Bardi). This means that the surrounding environment is engineered by a computer and different than that of the physical realm. A person is transformed into a new world. In the movie, “Ready Player 1“,  a whole new world is created and thousands of people are a part of it using the advanced technology of virtual reality. Glasses are used to transport you into…

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Our dystopian future – Through the Looking Glass

em koletti

‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a three-part podcast that discusses the techno-paranoia observed in particular Black Mirror episodes. I address the future in all three episodes and explore some technologies that are being created today that have similarities to those in Black Mirror. The idea was to recognise how we as humans have become dependent on mass communication tools and question if this series has in fact, predicted the future; in particular the possible dystopia in a modern world. Almost every episode ends to prove the dark side of technology, Brooker warns us on the effects these technological developments could have on our society. To prove his views, I provide real life observations and equipment being created, that are similar to those in the show.

In order to produce the content for my podcasts, I used a ‘Rode’ microphone connected to my phone and edited the recordings using Adobe Premiere…

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BCM325: Beta Reviews


In my BCM325 subject at UOW, I was required to analyse and comment on the BETA presentations of my peers again for part two of the assignment. In part 1 of the assignmentwe commented on three of the initial ideas of our classmates. Now we are doing the same on their Beta Presentations, where they a potential prototype set up and regular content being shared on which.

In part one of this assignment I discussed where I could improve my feedback. In my previous post I suggested that I may have been too scared and uncomfortable to be highly critical of the concepts that were being reviewed. This time, I had to step out of my comfort zone as I was highly critical of the areas in which the projects I was reviewing could easily be improved.

For Emily’s idea on ‘The land of Make Believe” I couldn’t help…

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DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection (Part 2)

Ray Nguyen

Continued on my assessment in BCM325 – Future Cultures, I was tasked to review and give feedback on another three of my peers’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact (DA) project. During the process of giving feedback, I found myself spending much time considering how to comment constructively. Speaking an emotive mother tongue, I am aware that my careless word usage can result in offending people. Therefore, I am very self-conscious when giving feedback to my peers.

To look into my contribution to my peers’ pitch presentations, I present my critical self-reflection of my comments on three DA pitches below.

Pitch 1: Future of Human Lifestyle

Desmon’s original DA topic was about the future of communication. However, some of his feedback suggested that he could narrow his topic down as it was too broad. For that reason, now he decides to focus on the future of the convenience of human lifestyle.

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Tweeting will never be my thing

LooLou Bear

My live tweeting experience within BCM future cultures class has always been difficult for me in terms of being able to post freely without concern of judgment or criticism. Some weeks had been better than others which I believe was mainly put on the fact of what stimulus I had to respond to and how engaged I was. Over the semester, especially during the last few week I had learned to embrace tweeting more and just not care what people think, I was then able to express myself in a more open manner due to the tweeting becoming a weekly tradition.

Although most of my tweets were not as successful in terms of likes and retweets, I feel my tweets have been a genuine representation of my own reactions and not something I had found off the internet and just tweeted it to the tag. Some of my tweets didn’t…

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Little birdies

Zee's world

Time for the second reflection on the live tweeting while viewing futuristic films.
For the second half of the live tweeting I found myself doing a little more research when I could about the themes discussed in the films and how they could trigger different thoughts and ideas in the films audience.

with the screenings of Marjorie Prime and Robot and Frank I found this really easy to do. My mother was a nurse for 25 years and specialised in dementia patients so I’ve grown up with the knowledge of what they need the most and how the disease effects them constantly around me.
often those with Dementia or memory problems as they get older need to be around family or people they know and it is very important to try and keep them in their own homes for as long as possible to prevent deterioration. My tweet discussing the…

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